How can I make my lobsters(crawdads) breed Question

  1. Christopher shoemaker

    Christopher shoemaker Valued Member Member

    I was wonder what condition need to be met for my craw dad's to breed. And how should I maintain or what do I need to take care of the offspring?

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  2. Tonia

    Tonia Well Known Member Member

    I would let them settle in first, you mentioned that you just bought them. Are you sure that you have a male and female?

    Make sure they are well fed, provide the water conditions that these crayfish will need. Make sure they have enough calcium to stay healthy and I'm sure nature will take it's course.

    I have not researched this particular crayfish, so I can't offer specific advise for these guys. As a general rule, they like plenty of hiding places, you may wish to keep them in a separate tank to give any future babies a better chance and make sure they get plenty of food and calcium (they need this especially at moulting times to make sure the new shell is healthy)
  3. V

    Vongchanh25 Valued Member Member

    I live by a lot if crawfish ponds and you would think that they need mud to spawn they dig holes as nest and then breed from what I seen