How can I help my goldies

Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by PiratePupTN, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    So I got three of the prettiest and healthiest comets out of the feeder tank at the pet store the other day and they have just stayed in the same corner for since introducing them to the new home. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help them? They seem afraid.

  2. PlatyloverFishlore VIPMember

    What size tank, what are the parameters, temp, other fish?

  3. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    It's a shallow tub like the kind that slide under the bed. The water is fresh conditioned from the tap. I have 20gal tank that uses the same water source. The water is about 68-70 degrees. There is no heater but I am using an old filter to make a waterfall to stir the water. There are some plants to help clean the water.

    The goldfish are the only fish.

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  4. FreshAquariumsValued MemberMember

    Might be just adapting, Goldfish also enjoy cold water. (or most do) and most feeder fish carry diseases so I would be sure to also check for any unusual activity or physical "marks"
  5. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    Is there anything I can give them for like preventative care.
  6. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    I'm sorry but the best thing you can do for your goldfish is return them back to the store. These types get over a foot long in the right conditions and really just belong in a pond. Having them in an uncycled shallow tub is really not the best home for them.
  7. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    I realize they get big. I am waiting to see what is going on with my family because these guys are destined for an aquaponics system. I added the proper bacteria supplement that say you can add fish soon after. I used the same stuff with my tropicals. The tub is about 30gal. It's really supposed to be a temporary home bigger than a 10gal tank.
  8. FreshAquariumsValued MemberMember

    bacterial meds (and fungal) such as Pimafix.
  9. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    Alright I will look for some of that. Other just being very still in one spot they don't seem to have anything wrong with them. I have noticed they change locations when I check on them in the morning and before I go to bed. I feed them before I leave the room for extended amounts of time. They seem to eat all the food. Maybe the space in the tub is to open with not enough cover.
  10. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Bacteria supplements don't allow you to cycle your tank instantly. Even the best ones require at least 2 weeks to cycle provided you have a small enough bioload in the appropriate tank size. With 3 messy goldfish in a 30g tub, it will be a challenge.

    I would not blindly treat with meds as they can be harsh and will cause even more stress. They are most likely stressed being in a small uncycled tub as mentioned before. Do you own a test kit?
  11. FreshAquariumsValued MemberMember

    How long have you had them again?
  12. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    For a couple of days.
  13. FreshAquariumsValued MemberMember

    didn't mean to just randomly pour medicines into the tank...

    They probably just need to adapt for a while (like a week or 2) I've honestly never had feeder fish but am highly considering it for aquaponics
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  14. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    I did use some extra gravel and filter from my 10gallons and I have the water flowing through some plants.
  15. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    If there are no symptoms other than staying in a corner, there's no reason to treat with meds.
  16. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    So they are probably adjusting from going from a crowed tank to a mostly empty one with new sounds and stuff.
  17. FreshAquariumsValued MemberMember

    that's why I said earlier if symptoms...

    most likely and hopefully :)
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  18. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    So I found so fake plants that I wasn't using so I added them to the tub to add more cover. image

    Do you think it will help them feel better? Or maybe safer. If they go back to the store they will definitely die. At least here they have a chance and I didn't stick them in a fish bowl.


    Now the fish have plenty to hide under or near! Threw in a lid from one of those Betta cups and some styrofoam cup haves that I was trying to get my bettas to make bubble nests under.
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  19. FreshAquariumsValued MemberMember

    (true) that should be plenty tbh, did u add declorinator btw?
  20. PiratePupTNNew MemberMember

    Of course! Never add new water without it. Even when I am topping off. I just don't know what is in this city water.

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