How Big Should I Let My Polypterus Delhezi Grow Before Adding To 75 Gl Tank?

  1. eweber Initiate Member

    He is 3 1/4 " long. I have 1 senegales bichir 7" long and 1 Polypterus Teugelsi 5" long Don't know what size he should be to keep him safe from the others?
  2. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    When he's big enough to not seem like a meal to the other fish.

  3. eweber Initiate Member

    So Polypterus will eat there own species?
  4. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    Any fish will eat their own species. Usually if the fish you wish to add is larger than the other fish's mouth you should be safe. That being said, tossing a fish into another predatory fish's tank may result in death either way. I've never owned any bichir so I've no idea as to their temperament or feeding habits. If you feel it's safe to add the smaller one then go ahead, just keep a close eye on them for a while.

  5. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

  6. Stephen Hiatt Well Known Member Member

    I have a 2" senegalus and a 10" ornatipinnis in the same tank and I have no issues. Usually the larger are less active and sit on the bottom, and the smaller ones are more active and swim in the middle of the tank or float on the top. They should be fine together.
  7. Stephen Hiatt Well Known Member Member

    Polypterus are 100% peaceful unless there is a very small fish they can make an easy meal of. Usually it would be something like a cory or other small bottom dwelling fish.

  8. eweber Initiate Member

    I think I'm going to let him grow a little more before I add him with the others.