How big do platies get?

Discussion in 'Platy' started by RonDutt, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. RonDuttValued MemberMember

    My orange platy has been growing at a pretty fast rate over the last 2-3 weeks. Her belly looks "fat" but she's also quite large! The yellow platy I have in there is dwarfed by the orange platy. It's larger than any of my barbs and the medium sized Angel...I'd say about 2 inches from lip to tail, 1.25 inches from belly to top (excluding fin). I'll try to get some pics tonigh but just wanted to know if they do grow this big or is something going on?
  2. tom5678

    tom5678Valued MemberMember

    i dont think that it will grow much bigger. my ones never got bigger than like 3" =[
  3. bubblefishValued MemberMember

    Hi RonDutt,

    My platys are quite large at slightly over 2 inches from nose to tail and about an inch from bottom of belly to top of back. They get a very good, varied diet and I think this makes all the difference in the world. Their colors are also very vibrant. My sunset platys orange tails are a dark reddish orange, but leaning more on the red side.

  4. redlessi

    redlessiWell Known MemberMember

    Hi my dwarf sunset platys look like stomachs with fins, their colors are very deep orange/yellow. They are little piggies.......
  5. OP

    RonDuttValued MemberMember

    Ah, so my smaller platy could just be a dwarf platy? Yeah, the orange one is a pretty vibrant orange and slowly getting bigger and bigger! I'm actually worried for the barbs paying the platy tank a visit...the platy goes after all the barbs if they even come near the smaller platy (both are female).
  6. redlessi

    redlessiWell Known MemberMember

    If they were in a tank with males at the lfs, they might be pregnant.
  7. rae64

    rae64Well Known MemberMember

    she is most likley pregnant. majority of lfs to not separate their platys... i do believe males stay smaller too, but im not sure about that. if you do not know what sex your platys are, i would check out here:  

    if yours is a female and is indeed pregnant, you will see her fatten up. when she is about ready to drop, the front part of her stomach will lower so that her belly has a "squared off" look to it. kinda like a trapezoid. she will then have somewhere between 10-40 fry. if you have a male and a female platy, you will have this amount of fry about every month or 2. also it is recommended to have at least 2 females for every male, but more is better.
  8. Gouramiguy17

    Gouramiguy17Well Known MemberMember

    One of my lfs has giant platies, they are like 3.5 inches. My biggest platt is about 2 1/3 inches long
  9. Bad Wolf

    Bad WolfWell Known MemberMember

    I've seen an old female platy at my LFS once, it was about 3.5". It was massive and was a great breeder.
  10. OP

    RonDuttValued MemberMember

    Hmm...the orange has been "fat" for a while now though, almost a month. The yellow platy is a male, he's got a dingaling ;)

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