How big do guppies need to be before they can be released from the nursery into

  1. DanteD Member Member

    Just wondering, my fry seems anxious to get out
  2. SabrinaBrook Well Known Member Member

    I have guppy babies and i have them in their own 20L tank. If you are going to release them into a tank with bigger fish i would not advise you to do that until they are big enough not to be eaten. Its best to have their own grow out tank if you can. If you leave them in a small nursery they wont grow much very fast either. Do you have a spare tank for them to be on their own while they grow out a bit? :)

  3. DanteD Member Member

    Unfortunately no, im just asking because I've got a fry at about one and a half centimeters who is ramming into the side of the little box, will he be able to eat if I let him out with other guppies and swordtails
  4. SabrinaBrook Well Known Member Member

    Oh that's a bugger you dont have a spare tank. Im not sure how to help now, maybe someone else might have a suggestion for you, sorry hun :(

  5. DebsR Member Member

    Could you maybe section off your bigger tank? Then they have a bit more space to grow but no other fish could get to them?
  6. RubyGem Member Member

    How big do guppies need to be before they can be released from the nursery into

    Guppies become sexually mature within 3-4 months. So 1 month should be fine. I don't cage them as they wont eat each other.
  7. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    They're sexually mature at 3 months, but far from fully grown.

  8. sunshine2012 Member Member

    You could also use a fake or real plant that will float on the top of the water surface, that is what I do because I don't get to them in time to have them in the breeder box. Sometimes they will make it and sometimes they don't, but they breed all the time so it's not a big deal to me. Sometimes if you have plenty of hiding spots in the tank they will survive.
  9. RubyGem Member Member

    Oops sorry, that's what I meant...
  10. sunshine2012 Member Member

    If you look real close you can see some baby guppies in the floating bush. More of my females are pregnant and are starting to go into the floating bush to have more!

  11. DanteD Member Member

    Okay, thank you all very much!