How big are your rosy barbs

  1. J

    JuliaM Valued Member Member

    How big are your rosy barbs?

    Online sources say up to 5"-6".

    In all of my LFS the info cards say 2.5-3".

    We have had ours for several months and they still are 2.5-3".

    Just wondering if most fish attain 2.5-3", and some CAN get to 5-6"?

  2. d

    davebowden Valued Member Member

    I think you have done well to get them to the size you have. What size tank are they in ? :;hi2
  3. OP

    JuliaM Valued Member Member

    HI there,


    Only one is pushing three inches, the rest are slightly smaller.

    I wasn't sure, as I said all online sources I have found tend to say they get big, whereas all of the LFS I have visited say much smaller.

    I am pretty happy with my stock at the mo, and we are moving house in a few months so I don't plan adding anything else till then, but after that, if the consensus is that generally most rosy barbs do not make it past 3" then I may add something else.