How Big Are Cherry Shrimp Fry Supposed To Be?

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by newbiefishkeeper, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. newbiefishkeeperValued MemberMember

    I heard that newborn cherry shrimp fry are 1 mm in length or even microscopic but when my berried female gave birth yesterday that babies seemed too big to be one mm. I saw some on the glass wall and used one of my mesuring tapes to measure them, sure enough they were 3 mm. how do I know it's newborn? Yesterday it still had those eggs and this morning they were gone and there arelittle shrimplets everywhere.
  2. AWheelerWell Known MemberMember

    I've not had cherry shrimp before, but my ghost shrimp fry are about 5 times the size of a baby brine shrimp. I'd say about 2-3mm.
  3. KelceyMaeraeiValued MemberMember

    By the time I see my shrimplets they're around 1-2mm. I'm always able to see them, so they are definitely not microscopic.
  4. KasshanWell Known MemberMember

    if they are that big [3mm] they are likely from another older batch. hatchling nymphs should remind you of ants in size [1mm].
  5. newbiefishkeeperValued MemberMember

    kasshan: this was actually the first time my cherry was pregnant, she was the only cherry for 6 months until I added a male about a month ago
  6. KasshanWell Known MemberMember

    hmm fascinating. i wonder if the nymphs were holding onto the mums swimmerets instead of free swimming, this may result in larger nymphs when they finally let go. i am only speculating, because ive seen this behavior in crayfish, but not cherry shrimp, due to size difference it was easier to observe i imagine in contrast. while i havent scrutinized the cherries closely enough to observe this behavior i would venture it is similar. now im gna try and examine my cherries closer now for future reference....
  7. newbiefishkeeperValued MemberMember

    IMG_0928.JPGIMG_0927.JPG how red do u guys think the shrimp fry will be.

    on the crypt is my female ( suprisingly I found her at pet oaks)
    And on the gravel is my male.

    I'm hoping they will all be like super red
  8. KelceyMaeraeiValued MemberMember

    If they are the parents, I'd expect the shrimplets to be very red.
  9. newbiefishkeeperValued MemberMember

    I meant pet smart and I don't know why but some of my shrimplets are clear while others are red. Will they eventually color up?
  10. Summer22Valued MemberMember

    Someone just recently told me that they are born more clear and after about a week is when they start to develop color.
    I just found my very first baby shrimp too. He's got a bit of red (especially when you see him in person).

    In the photo he's the little red blur in java moss between two adults and up a bit. I tried to measure him best I could and think he's around 3 mm.

  11. FishRFriendzWell Known MemberMember

    Well I left work Thursday and Monday or Tuesday I noticed some of my shrimp missing eggs. I thought they had dropped them. Then I saw it just now...

    At most this guy is 6 days old. At least he'd be 1-2 days old.
    /sigh time for another round of rehoming. These 1g aquariums are extremely efficient at cranking out shrimp. Seems like it was only last month I was taking photos of babies. Actually, after checking the details on the photo files... it was March 7 when the previous batch started hatching.

    I'm all out of jars at home!
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  12. FishRFriendzWell Known MemberMember

    Funny how once you see one, suddenly you see so many more. Well in my tank at work anyways. The tanks at home are regular size so disappearing shrimp at home.
  13. FishRFriendzWell Known MemberMember

    Also, they grow extremely fast from hatching. I'd say about 1mm per day. This morning I was measuring them on the front again and they're up to 4.5mm. Will probably be close to 5mm at the end of the day.
  14. FishRFriendzWell Known MemberMember

    Here is at about 5-7 days old.

    Growth really slows down in week 2 of life.