How are your tanks doing since being quarantined?

How are your tanks doing since being quarantined?

  • Tank is doing better

    Votes: 220 46.2%
  • Tank is the same

    Votes: 214 45.0%
  • Tank is doing worse

    Votes: 42 8.8%

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Since most of the world is actively in QT or just coming out of it, how are your aquarium(s) doing and looking?

I know that I've had more time to mess with the reef tank since I get to work from home right now and don't have the commute.

The "tank is doing worse" option is for those of you (like I've been known to do a time or two) that tinker too much with the tank and make things worse.
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My tank is in the "doing worse" category, but I *think* it's unrelated... I've got a cyanobacteria outbreak in my tank. I have no idea what the source is and it's taking over the tank... uhg.
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I voted better..... even though Im not liking it. Im struggling to make peace with the tannins being better for the fish...Rescaped with a good size chunk of Mopani.
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Mine are still empty. So same.
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The same. Nothing has changed, although I do plan on adding some black sand soon(hope it goes well).
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I voted "Tank is doing worse" because my heating and hot water in my apartment broke shortly after QT started, and my landlord refused to fix it for 3 weeks. I had to use the stove to boil water to use for water changes. I have 6 tanks and all are great except one.
I'm not sure why. I used new stainless steel pans never used for cooking and temp matched, mixed with their regular water source.
The fish in one tank had a columnaris outbreak and I had to treat with antibiotics, I had a few deaths and am currently recycling it.
The water is fixed now, I hope it helps
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My signature has the thread for the build I'm working on - its a few weeks in since swapping to pressure CO2 and it's been fun watching it change and grow Also open to feedback in the thread as I feel bad talking to myself lol (maybe I put it in the wrong category; I was new)
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My life consists of college work, my dogs, Animal Crossing, and my fish. In good news, my scape has been getting closer and closer to what I'm envisioning. In bad news, my fish just want to know when I'll leave them the heck alone, because I've been spending a lot of time standing in front of the tank hoping to see something interesting. In good news, I've had time to plan out the rest of my stocking. In bad news, I still can't decide what I want to stock. There's so many fish I want and only one tank to put them in. It's a good thing I have an incredible amount of self restraint, fueled by my frugality and general anxiety about doing anything ever, because otherwise I would have bought so many fish by now.
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I never seen a difference but I am planing to qt future ones.
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I've had more time to work on the tanks. I've been collecting and preparing wood which I usually wouldn't have time to do and has been fun. However with fish shops being closed and with the lockdown I haven't been able to get any more fish as I was planning to and I have a couple of empty tanks. I am also running low on frozen food.
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Well since i am home all the time now, i have a lot more time to tend to my aquariums, and make sure everything is all good, i also don't have to dread doing WC's, i actually look forward to them now lol, life has been boring since QT started. i was looking forward to getting more fish but i can't i am lucky that i stocked up on food i have 2 7oz containers of flake food and some things of pellet food the same size.
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I voted the same, my qt tank that was taken over by convict fry is thriving and being rehomed today. My ca/sa tank is business as usual same with my 30 gal with a breeding pair of convicts. My Asian community tank had a short outbreak of a bacterial infection but a little garlic mixed with meds cleared that up in a day. Everything is happy except my living room smells of garlic lol.
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My tank is doing the same... but my wallet is doing worse...! I bought another new tank lol
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Anybody else notice a shortage of quick start and stress guard?
I do to, a lot of Water conditioner and stress guard and things like it have been scarce. when i went to petsmart the shelves where all the fish food like flakes and pellets are were pretty much completely empty.
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I got a TON of algae and managed to clean most of it up. But as soon as QT started, my Betta got Fin Rot. What are the odds? And now I'm still struggling to fight it. He also tore some scales off of his head. So basically, my tank itself is doing better, but my fish is doing terribly.
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I have nothing to do, so I'm spending all my time on m tanks. Plus, we have amazon and ebay, I can even order fish online! It's glorious!
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