hospital tank

Right you are Emma Some people leave the "Q" tank running with a platy or molly in it to keep it cycled then move it when they put a fish into quarantine. Hope this helps ;D
yeah it does i've never had a hospital tank before and i'm buying another 55 so I will have my 10 for a hospital tank.
I think Carol has also mentioned elsewhere that it's OK when you keep your filter from the Q tank running on your main tank, so that when you need the Q tank, all you have to do is to fill the Q tank with water and transfer that filter from the main tank to the Q tank. Carol, which is better: keeping the Q tank filter running on the main tank OR keeping the Q tank cycled with some fish?
I prefer to keep the "Q" tank filter running on the main tank to keep it cycled. Then I can put the empty tank away until I need it. But not all people can stand an empty tank around so keep a fish or two in it to keep it cycle ;D
so if you keep that filter running on a another tank it would be ok to put the q tank empty then fill it up with water when you need it?how long would it have to run until it would be safe to put a fish in?
No that's the advantage of keeping the "Q" tank filter running and operational on another tank with fish in it.

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