Horse Face Loach

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    I bought a freshwater Horse Face Loach and I'm very pleased as it does very nice at sifting the sand through it's gills eating all the garbage in it. My question is where do I find information on this Loach? I was told that it is a very good community fish and that is all the information I can find. Thanks

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    Welcome ;)

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    Welcome to FishLore, Silver. I've never heard of that kind of loach, but it sounds very interesting!
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    Oh, thanks for the pics, Gunnie! They look very cute!
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    i just recently got a horseface...i like it but i wish it wouldnt stay under the gravel all day but at night as soon as i turn the light of it comes right out and scavanges the bottom of the tank
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    i just picked up 2 horesfaces i love them but rarely get to see them good luck with them