Help Horrible Looking Abrasion On Rainbow Fish


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I have a 55 gallon planted aquarium that has been set up and cycled for almost 4 years.
Temperature is at 78 degrees, and tank mates are other rainbows, as well as denison barbs. They all get along fine and never see any aggression between any of them.
This morning upon turning on the lights, I noticed that my female boesemanI rainbow had a large dark patch on one side of her head. She was perfectly fine the day before I might add, and I have never seen anything like this. I put her in another tank, however I am unsure if and what to medicate her with. I will post pictures. She literally looks like two face and looks frightening . She seems to be acting normal and is eating. Water parameters are also fine however she was moved with a seeded filter. Any opinions as to what could be wrong?
Screenshot_20190331-164944_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20190331-164521_Video Player.jpg
Screenshot_20190331-164450_Video Player.jpg

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