Horrible Algae problems

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    i have algae of every sort it seems. And the only reason i can think is because my aquarium is in a room of all windows. i know, i know...keep aquarium out of direct sunlight...but this is not an option because this is where i want the aquarium. so, since it's my choice to keep the aquarium here, i need advice on how to keep ahead of the horrible algae. I've got it growing on the sides and have been using a tooth brush to brush it off, but i think i'm going to try a razor blade which will hopefully be more affective. I've got all kinds of plants growing that i've been picking off rocks with tweezers, but I can't keep up with them, so any advice for that?
    I started doing weekly water changes thinking my ph and nitrates were maybe a problem, but this has made no difference. I'm not using ro water, i'm using my own filtered water. and it started spreading like zombies ever since the weather got nice, so i know it's the sunlight. I just need to know how to get either ahead of it so i can keep ahead of it, or in control if possible because my tank looks like **** no matter what i do. please help!
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    I'm sorry your having so much trouble with algae. :;fru I have it happen with my 30long f/w planted, in about a month the suns angle will be so that it directly shines the tank for a few hours in the afternoon, not good. Answer for me... close the shades. I don't have S/W, but with F/W when there is sunlight, you will always have algae of some sort, I would stay away from any chems, just my :;2cents

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    You need to be using RO water! You need to have a skimmer for one and what are your nitrate levels? What are your phosphate levels? What lights are you using and how many watts?You started this tank in December? Did you cure your rock or was it pre cured?
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    I've been getting along well without a skimmer thus far. My plan is to buy high end lighting and a decent skimmer once I graduate and have a more expendable income. Now I'm using a 65 watt aqualight, but want HO better wattage. The tank was started in december and I got pre cured rock which has really colored up...all pink and purple, it looks beautiful. My nitrate is at 5ppm and phosphate at .5...but I'm doing such frequent water changes, and there shouldn't be much waste seeing as I only have my little clown. So do you think it's that I'm not using ro? I used a razor blade today and it looks great for now...we'll see how long it lasts.
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    Yes you need to use RO thats one reson why your having problems.
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    I vote for the ro water also. At least part ro. I was getting bad algae in my brackish tank and have started to convert it to ro.
    Since I have the algae seems to be dying off.
    They sell ro water at my local Walmart for 37 cents a gallon. You may see if you Walmart sells it too.
  7. Stang Man

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    The other problem is no skimmer this device will help as well as any to pull algael diatoms from salt waterthis is a major stage to rid algae blooms ! what type of algae are you facing and how long has tank been setup?
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    IMO a 20 gallon does not require a skimmer, especially given the OP's low bioload of both fish and corals. RO/DI water and weekly water changes should definitely suffice. Hubby and I kept a 20 gal high this way for over a year before upgrading to the 50.
  9. Stang Man

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    Yeah I agree Harpua this has to be done alot on a small tank such as this! Does not take much for water to have problem such as this small of a tank! But a skimmer will help alot!!!! Doesn't mean that you need to change water every week with a skimmer if you have the right equipment and use it properly. Another problem that maybe happening is nitrate levels are high and they are facing an algael bloom. This as well will help control an algael bloom from happening to a certain degree.
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    Good morning,

    This thread is a bit old and hopefully the algae issues have been resolved.

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