Hornwort And Algae Growth Questions

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Faytaya, Aug 2, 2019.

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    So I'm actually worried about having NO algal growth in my tank lol. My poor nerite must be starving because twice now I've found it in the filter intake scraping off what has to be bacterial film? It just casually goes in and stays there for hours then comes back out. Is this because of the hornwort and my weekly cleanings? I think I may have planned TOO well to stymie algae growth. The tank has been running for well over a month, and I didn't even get the brown diatoms most peeps complain about! X'D one of my two snails has died already and I bought algae wafers to feed the remaining one. How long should I wait after I leave a wafer in before the snail will snack on it?? I never thought not having algae would be a problem!
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    If your tank is only a month old, and it has a nerite (and had several at one point), no algae of the type they need is likely to have had a chance to grow.

    A nerite will generally not eat an algae wafer. They cannot really be fed artificially in my experience, however they do seem to eat bacterial film as well as algae. I have not had one starve to death. However, the only glass I clean in my aquariums is the glass at the front.

    Hornwort doesn't prevent algae growth though I know that there's a rumour that it will. I just threw out a ton of hornwort that was overgrown with hair algae (which is an algae type nerites cannot eat).
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