Horned Pagoda Snail


I came across these snails at my LFS today and took one home! They're pretty shy and not very active from what I've seen so far. Does anyone else have experience taking care of these snails, and what are they like?


Never heard of a horned pagoda snail, but they look similar to . For a long time now I have wanted a rabbit snail. Now that I have my 55g tank setup and cycling, when it is ready I may go ahead and order one.


I actually just ordered one. After reading about them I'm a little torn as to which of my tanks I want to put it in. There's not too much information available on these snails, but from what I've researched they require good water flow, stable parameters ( don't like water changes) and like to dig, not burrow, in the substrate for food. They're also sensitive to bright light. Some of the articles and videos I've seen about them are also from people that had trouble keeping them alive, so I've got a slightly negative impression as to my likelihood of success. I'm really in love with this snail though, so I'm going to give it a shot.

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