Hoplo catfish

  1. Jamieb284 Member Member

    So I've had hoplo catfish for quite a long time now and ive never seen this before. I've just finished a water change and my hoplo catfish completely buried itself under my gravel? And after a couple of minutes it reappeared. Is this normal?


  2. axel Well Known Member Member

    i dont know anything about this fish..be careful maybe he will uproot your plants
  3. Cat Catherine Member Member

    I don't have an answer, but I'd just like to say he's a really cool looking catfish. :)
  4. ToddHendrix Member Member

    Loaches bury themselves all the time. But I haven't seen catfish do it before. My fish do some funny things after I do a water change, almost like a thank you lol. One time all of my cherry barbs chased eachother in a circle! Like a little dance lol
  5. Skyy2112 Member Member

    My father had a catfish of sorts (possibly a banjo? Or similar, long/skinny) that would bury. Bottomfeeders do this depending on the fish. I would say normal!
  6. Inno Member Member

    I have one with my angels. THE ARMOURED CATFISH. I love him, so cool yours buried himself like that. Probably trying to get something he smelled.
  7. Jamieb284 Member Member

    Yeah maybe, he didn't stay there for too long haha. I love all types of catfish and bottom feeders, definitely the best area of the tank
    The plants are fake by the way
  8. ToddHendrix Member Member

    Cool catfish by the way. Fish sometimes do some silly things and thats what keeps us all in the hobby lol
  9. axel Well Known Member Member

    looks real to me :;laughing
  10. Jamieb284 Member Member

    I suppose that's a good thing