Hope And Her Fry.

  1. Jessica J

    Jessica J Valued Member Member

    Hope has been in one spot for about 24 hours now and has a redish belly by her butt. She just gave birth 4/5 days ago and had been fine till last nite. She seems to be getting worst by the hour too. Should i just end it, is she suffering or is there hope for Hope the guppy? Her fry will be well taken care of and she even has 2 that are showing color now just a few days old got the best pic i could of them. We have a instagram if anyone is interested in some guppy and mystery snail vids. The fry are hard to see but if u look at the middle of the pic and then down alittle you will see it. 20180529_162704.jpg 20180529_161836.jpg 20180529_162950.jpg 20180529_165758.jpg
  2. eukendywa

    eukendywa Valued Member Member

    I hope Hope does OK. I wonder if she could have torn something while giving birth? I wish I had better advice on how to proceed. Good luck
  3. OP
    Jessica J

    Jessica J Valued Member Member

    Thx thats what we was thinking too.