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  1. llfish

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    I went for my normal visit to Petland yesturday and saw this little guy just laying there in a tank with Dwarf Gouramis. They did not have a tag, his little tail was nipped off and his head looks a little "dry". I asked if I could have it lol and they said $20, so I took him home he is worth the $20. He is not really eating though and like I said he might have some issues, hopefully he will be ok, in the picture you can see his head is a little darker..it is not fuzzy though. Anyway meet Honey, the new addition to the family!

    He is very friendly swims willingly into my hand and when I try to put him down he tries to swim back in my hand. I am guessing I am going to have to hand feed him lol.

  2. Tigress Hill

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    He's a handsome little guy. I'm happy to know that he was taken home by such a caring fish person as yourself:)
  3. nippybetta

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    He's very cute. I hope he recovers from the pet store soon. Don't let him poke you with his spines, if he really is a catfish.
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    Nice find!! Not worth $20 though IMO. At least, they don't normally sell for that much. But they are awesome little fish! They stay fairly small, usually 2.5". They are group fish so you need more if you want yours to be happy. Minimum group of 4 but they prefer larger groups. I had difficulty feeding mine anything but live and frozen foods but some are supposed to eat flakes and such. A large protein eater so don't have algae wafers as a main diet. I used to bury cubes of bloodworms after the lights went off and watch them go crazy trying to dig up the cube. You can tell when these little guys have eaten. Their stomachs bulge out lol.
  5. OP

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    Yah 20 bucks is very expensive, but I could not leave him there to get beat up haha. That Petland is closest to where I live and prices are always almost triple the prices I find at Petsmart or other Petlands in Saskatoon (almost 2 hours away) for some reason. I am on a mission to find him friends, I called around to a few stores and no luck so far. I might get some ordered but from what I hear they are hard to find. I love the idea of burying a cube! I am going to do it tonight. Thanks for the pointers!
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    I love that catfish!!! He's so beautiful! I gotta have me some of those! lol