Honey Sunset Gourami Video And Sexing Questions


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I've only kept these as single specimens in the past, but after getting one that seemed to be pining away staring at its reflection I got a second for my 40 gallon breeder. Getting the second one made all the difference, and they are both socializing a lot and now seeming to enjoy the tank much more. I've heard that if possible groups would be even better than pairs for them, so long as you don't have more than one male.

Right now I know I have at least one female, but I'm not sure if the second one is also female or if it is a male. If they are both female, I'm thinking of going back to the pet store I bought them from and grabbing the obvious male they were with before they sell out. Right now that is the only place in the area with healthy Honey Gourami, and they only have the one male left at the moment. So I don't want to make the mistake of accidentally getting two males in my tank.

Which leads me to asking if you could take a look at this video of my Honey GouramI being adorable and see if you think I have a male-female pair or two females. The video is a bit shaky (especially at first) since I haven't taken a video of my fish before, but I also wanted to show everyone how they were hanging out together, since it came as such a surprise for me after only having kept Honey GouramI singly.


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It's a bit hard to tell from the video, but do they both have those thin horizontal brown stripes in the middle of their sides? It looks like they do, and if that's the case then they are both girls. I've found that female honey gouramis seem to be extra social, and I think that they really like each other's company.

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