Honey Gouramis Laying On Their Side

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Millerific, Apr 25, 2017.

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    My local fish store had Honey Gouramis. I did research, and two weeks later, I bought some. They started laying on their side. My tank is cycled, and everything else in their is doing great. Those two Gouramis died. So I decided to get some more. They are now doing the same thing.
    What I have in my tank:
    Honey Gouramis
    I researched and one forum said it might be swim bladder. I've never had to deal with swim bladder though.

    I just thought one of them was dead. I got the net, looked back over, and he was swimming around again. He was sitting there all night, too. These things are hardy.

    Thanks for the responses, everyone! This morning he seems to be doing fine still.
    I'll definitely get the kit when I can, but I currently don't have the money (if it was 10$ I could swing it, I accidentally purchased these stupid test strips instead so my budget for testing was spent). Until then I'll use prime, thanks! I read Prime is better then Tetra AquaSafe, but since I already combined 10 gallons with the AquaSafe, isn't it too late for Prime?

    Never heard of it I'll check it out, it seems like a good option until I can get the API.

    Thanks for the kind words. Did you wind up making the same mistake I did or did you catch it before you added fish? If you messed up like me, did it work out okay?
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    If you just placed them, it could be water pressure. The change from a low to high water pressure makes it difficult to swim. So, the fish lay till the gain the strength to swim. The best way to introduce fish if your concerned about pressure is to place your fish in a large bucket and slowly add tank water so he gets used to the pressure. Then move them to the tank.
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    This is quite incorrect, pressure has nothing to do with acclimation. Water chemistry and temperature are the reasons for acclimating fish. Fast death is usually due to temperature differences, a fast death from chemistry problems would indicate a very large variance and possible problems in the tank.
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    O Ammonia, 0 Nitrites, 5 Nitrates.
    One is for sure still alive. I can't find the other. I think I know where he's hiding though.
    I think it's swim bladder issues, but I don;t know how to treat that. I'll do some research.
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    Could it be iridovirus? It's very contagious to gouramis and while it's rarer in honeys, it's very possible. My DG would lay sideways on the bottom of the tank but right himself and swim around every once in a while until he died a few days later. You may want to look up the symptoms of iridovirus and confirm whether your fish had the less commonly known symptoms or not. Either way, definitely switch your source, preferably to a store far away from the previous one to diminish the risk of them having the same supplier.
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    Test strips are ok to use I find them closely match the liquid test kits...
    please check your water temperature and PH as well drastically different PH will kill fish. How did you acclimate the ones you bought to your new tank?
    You mention you had guppies are they ok?
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    Yeah the Guppies are doing really well. the pH is stable. Water temperature is 78 degrees fahrenheit.
    Some people will disagree with this, but I use drip acclimation. Usually I let them sit for 30 minutes, add some water, and put them in the tank after another 30 minutes.
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    Sadly it really sounds like iridovirus to me, guppies aren't affected by it.
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    I agree on the drip method... I use it exclusively.
    I am not up on fish disease, so I can't help you. Strange thing to have 4 fish die the same way. But if they came from the same store ? IDK.
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    I don't know. My LFS is pretty trustworthy. Maybe not with the Gouramis. I'll link their Facebook.
    Quality Aquatics Pet shop
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    Sorry I've been ignoring this. The last few days have been busy and stressful.
    So, after doing some research, I found out it is Dwarf Gourami Iridovirus. One of my Gouramis has died. The other is hanging on there. Thanks for all your help everyone!