Honey gourami really thin Question

  1. zinnaerris Member Member

    Good morning! Ok so a few days ago my little gourami got stuff against the filter for a few seconds. It's really small compared to my other one. It's still pale... I can easily see his insides and kind of see through it. It's swimming better but still seems weak and it looks skinny. It's lost weight since we've got it. Now the other much larger gourami is following the small one and touching it with its feelers.
    Could the bigger gourami be picking on it to take advantage of the small one maybe being sick? The small one likes to glass surf. And the big one is starting to as well. (I have no idea why they glass surf) I dunno what to do.
    I have pics. How do I share the pictures from the app?

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  2. aHumanBeing Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to the forum, i'm sorry you're fish is having problems. Is the tank cycled? If so what are the current parameters (Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate.) Has anything changed in the time the fish has become skinny? Have you seen any very long stringy white poo? In my experience when they get very thin and get stuck to filters you need to act super quickly. I would recommend covering some food in garlic guard to entice your little guy to eat asap. Also if you have a quarantine tank with a low flowing filter or a bubble wand that may reduce the stress for your gourami while it's ill. Sick fish prefer slow mowing water while they are recovering.

    Below is a guide to setup a quick quarantine.


  3. zinnaerris Member Member

    Ammonia is 0 nitrites 0 nitrates like 2.0. It is cycled. He seemed kind of weak from the first day we got him (a week ago). It's eating just fine. It's just losing weight. Not weird stringy poo that i have seen. They both seem to sneak up on each other and touch each other with their feelers. Could they just be playing? I've also read that dwarf gouramis are so inbred they are more weak and sickly these days. Could it just be that we got a sick one?

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  4. zinnaerris Member Member

    Also he swims around a lot. And is very active. Just a little slow.

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  5. aHumanBeing Well Known Member Member

    My guess and it is only a guess based on the fish i've had who died. The fish probably has a parasite from the store you got him from. They could be picking at each other but it's hard to say so without seeing them interact, you would also probably see sores or torn fins on the smaller gourami. If it's eating like normal but still losing weight I would still lean towards the little guy having a parasite which is consuming all the nutrients.
  6. zinnaerris Member Member

    I was afraid if that. His tummy doesn't look bloated or anything. I wish I knew more about gouramis but i guess it just comes with experience.

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  7. aHumanBeing Well Known Member Member

    There are some medicines out there that treat for internal parasites like API General Cure, however I have used it with limited success on ill fish. One thing you could do is get a food with Garlic in it to boost the immune system of your gourami. Switching to a higher quality food will be less stressful than medicating them. New life spectrum has garlic in it and is available at Petco. You could also try the New Life Spectrum +A which has extra garlic.

  8. zinnaerris Member Member

    Fantastic thank you so much!

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