Honduran Red Points? Question

  1. acolli51 Member Member

    Anybody ever kept these fish or have experience with them? I have a fantastic fish store near by with very helpful and knowledgeable staff and they have about 20-30 1-1.5" Hondurans. I was talking to one of the guys in there about the fish and he said that they look like convicts when they are adults but with a blueish tint to them. He told me that they are much more mild mannered than cons though and might do well with my plan for my 55g. I want to have a severum, a pair of kribs, a rubber-lip pleco and maybe one of these Hondurans as well. Just curious because the net is giving me slightly conflicting info. Thanks.
  2. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    I have 5 hrp's, but I just got them a few weeks ago. They're between an inch and 1 1/2". Hopefully one of our resident NW cichlid experts will see this thread shortly and can help you out.
  3. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Cryptoheros sp. 'honduran red point' are in my experience very mild mannered especially if compared to a regular con.

    They do have some nice blue and also yellow coloring once they grow some.
    Use the same care you would with cons.

    Beware depending on where they have come from, I am not saying yours will be like this just giving some info, they have been mixing sp. 'honduran red point' with regular cons for awhile now at some farms, because of this some of them do not have the best coloring. Lots of stores label these new fish as Blue Cons and also sp. 'honduran red point', so just keep that in mind.

    With your tank, and it is your tank, but it seems you are going in different directions with your fish by having an African, a Central, and a South American. And there is nothing wrong with that, do you just like all those fish? Like I said nothing wrong with it its up to you, I am just curious why.

  4. acolli51 Member Member

    Brian, I have had a female krib for a while now in my 20gal with corys and ottos but as it gets bigger it seems to chase the corys every now and again during feeding time. So I was thinking that it may need to move to the 55 after cycling. So then I thought about what I might be able to keep with her/ a pair of kribs and a friend told me he kept a severum with his kribs in a 55 because it was rather peaceful as well but it would eat the kribs offspring. He actually has some nice turquoise severum that are about an inch right now and has offered me one so I think I will take him up on this. He told me that if anything the kribs would nip at the severum but only if they were breeding. I guess that kinda sums up my thinking... Free fish that a friend has raised and promised do very well with kribs and it just seems to me that I might have more room for one more medium sized more peaceful fish so that's why I'm asking about the HRP's. And from your post about the HRP's temperment, it sounds as though this setup might really be possible and very colorful and peaceful. And thanks for your post and knowledge, I really appreciate it.

    Oh and one more thing if you don't mind. What should I look for to distinguish between the mixed con/HRP and the true HRP? My LFS is "Fintastic" in the Charlotte area and it is wonderful as I am sure some others can attest to. However, their HRP's are just 1-1.5 inches and might be difficult to distinguish. One of the staff there told me they were calm and that he actually had a pair so they might have a reputable supply of them but if their is something unique I could look for to make sure they are pure that would be a big help. Thanks again.
  5. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    No need to thank me I will help where I can.

    For the first part, if you can get Heros Appendiculatus ( Turquoise Severum ) especially for free I say do it. They still are not seen nearly as much as other Sev species in the hobby. Why do you want to breed Kribs? Just because you already have one or as food for the other fish in the tank? If you want to breed because that is something you are interested in I would try and breed the Sevs, mainly for the reason you have a friend who is willing to give you some to start you out, or will he only give you one/ You could breed the Sevs in the 55 and get a male Krib and do those in the 20gal. Just a thought.
    You could keep the cories in the 55gal also, they may or may not eat some eggs and or fry.
    Also your original idea or a Krib pair, one HRP, and one Sev will also work in the 55gal.

    The second part, just because a staff member has a pair that doesn't alone make him/her a reputable source. I could sell you a pair of fish and say they are wild caught it doesn't mean they really are. You would have to trace back where the pair of fish came from, and unless this is someone who is very serious about breeding I doubt they would know exactly where they came from. As far as differences, you probably won't see much. Say you have a true HRP that is not showing great color, it may look like a Blue con. Or say you have a great looking Blue con with lots of color that may lead you to believe it is a true HRP. Know what I mean? If they are saying they are HRP's then that is basically what you have to go by. I didn't bring up the Blue cons to discourage you, just brought it up in case you didn't know.

  6. Toddnbecka Member Member

    I had 3 pairs of them in a 38 w/out any problems, one pair spawned a couple times but the eggs disappeared before they hatched. I sold them off to make room for a group of Australoheros oblongum. They're even more mellow than the HRP's toward other fish, but not as tolerant of conspecifics. The 3 pairs of HRP's are currently in a 75 with a couple severums, and are spawning regularly.
    I'd be willing to swap some Australoheros for a couple of the severum's if your friend has some to spare (and is interested...)
  7. acolli51 Member Member

    Toddnbecka, Unfortunately the severums are gone at this point but there might be more shortly.
  8. Toddnbecka Member Member

    Thanks for checking anyway. I have several dozen oblongum juvies on hand, doubt they'll be moving along anytime soon. They'll be pairing off in a couple more months, and will likely sell better then (the first brood ones did anyway.)
  9. acolli51 Member Member

    Ok well I bought one of these guys today and put it in the 55gal with my severum, a male krib, and a rubber-lip pleco. It seems confused by my severum because they both have that blueish tint and stripes and when they see each other they puff out their fins and circle around for a minute or so. They are each only about 1-1.25" long with the HRP being a little bit heftier. It has great blue color so I hope it is a real HRP and mainly that it stays fairly docile.
  10. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    My HRP's are about the same size. They are also blue. I'm not totally positive that mine are true HRP's, but I got them from aquabid, so I feel pretty secure that they are true HRP's. I have a few that are larger and they're starting to show some red at the base of their tails. I hope this helps.
  11. acolli51 Member Member

    Hey BB, do you remember the seller you bought them from on aquabid? I would like to know just for future reference, especially if they turn out to be legit. Thanks.
  12. bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Tim Peyton. He was a pleasure to do business with.
  13. btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Good luck with all the fish.