homemade rocks/caves

  1. R

    Ritsu New Member Member

    I've been thinking about making some home made caves/rocks for my tank. whats the best and safest way to do it
  2. e_watson09

    e_watson09 Well Known Member Member

    There are quite a few different ways. I have "caves" in my tank that are actually terra cotta pots. My fish actually really like them. I've seen a few people make them out of wood and I tend to stack my rocks into caves too.
  3. Jayha68

    Jayha68 Valued Member Member

    Do you use rocks from LFS or just grab your own and wash/cleanse them really well in boiling water?

  4. soltarianknight

    soltarianknight Fishlore VIP Member

    If you grabb your own you should boil, soak and scrub them. Make sure they arnt loose particled. No sharp grain or edges. Use a bit of vinigar on the rock, if it bubbles it will effect you PH. If you plan to stick rocks or other things togather then aquairum epoxy or silicone is the way to go. the epoxys are generaly better for use with rock and such and silicone works great on smooth surfaces.
  5. L

    Latinababe423 New Member Member

    I hope this helps you:)  
  6. gremlin

    gremlin Well Known Member Member

    I made caves out of pvc pipe and rock. My sister was piping her irrigation and had a section of 12 inch pipe left over. I cut it in half lengthwise, and used silicone to fasten the rocks to the outside of the pipe. My goldfish love them, the pleco I had would hang out inside the tunnel all the time. I'd see his nose sticking out one end and half his tail hanging out the other end.
  7. OP

    Ritsu New Member Member

    alot of ppl have great ideas and i know it,i'm willing to hear all of em,so far i like what i am hearing
  8. F

    FatPanda New Member Member

    I've been looking into this a lot lately and here's what I've been able to find:

    PVC pipe with stones siliconed/glued on: Easiest/cheapest method, I'm not a fan of the results as they look too artificial for me

    Slate: Pieces glued together. Cheap (slate floor tiles from Home Depot or Lowes), fairly easy to make and more natural looking than PVC caves. Breaking the slate into useable pieces is noisy and a bit messy however.

    Polymer clay/Natural clay: Not as much information out there, I haven't done this personally. However with access to kiln/the right kind of clay for oven use, I would imagine this would be one of the best ways to create custom caves/stones.

    As for rocks, I would check out some landscaping rockyards. If you are in Southern California, I know of at least one major supplier that has a ton of rocks at each site for you to check out. Again, haven't been personally but I have heard their prices are MUCH cheaper than purchasing rock at an aquarium shop.
  9. psalm18.2

    psalm18.2 Fishlore Legend Member

    I have never been able to silicone rocks onto pipes. It just won't work for me.

    What about a cool piece of driftwood bored out w/ a large hole?

    I use a lanscaping depot sometimes. They have a broken stone area and sell by the pound real cheap.
  10. Zevyn

    Zevyn Valued Member Member

    The local landscaping supply netted me about 40-50 pounds of various stone (Florida limestone and midnight slate from Pennsylvania) for about 12$. If you have one, I'd check them out.. they had a ton more options to choose from but that's what I had settled on.

    If you use a slate, be careful of the sharp edges. I actually cut my hand on a piece, so imagine what it could do to a fish if they panic or something. What I do is grind them down on my concrete pad that my shed sits on, since it's more coarse than the slate.
  11. F

    FatPanda New Member Member

    This. I vastly underestimated how sharp broken slate could be until I actually started working on a cave with slate pieces. That stuff is SHARP! Personally, I used a smaller stone to rub down the edges of the slate, but in retrospect I think that some steel wool would work better as it can contour to the shape of the slate. However, like Zevyn suggested any surface that is rough/harder than the slate itself should work just fine.
  12. Ethan

    Ethan Well Known Member Member

    I love going up on my hill and grabbing a big piece of slate rock busting it into smaller pieces then trimming the edges so there not sharp you can stack them however you want and it looks really good when your various moss breeds take them over :)
  13. Shine

    Shine Well Known Member Member

    I bought a bag of lava rock from a landscaping store, so that could be an option too. I've been siliconing mine into a rock wall
  14. AdoraDora

    AdoraDora Valued Member Member

    i am making a rock wall out of Styrofoam got the idea look for a way to make a water fall for a terrarium

  15. r

    reddbelly Valued Member Member

    That's how I made mine. 2" thick foamboard, some quickcrete, and some coloring. Sealed to tank with aquarium caulk, and all of the rocks are individually cut so those r glued on with the caulk also. I hid all of the filters intakes/outputs under shelves, and the powerheads behind the foam. The styrofoam is a great idea, but is kinda time consuming depending on hoe large your tank is.

    check it out

  16. OP

    Ritsu New Member Member

    Wow i don't check this in a while and it blew up. i'm proud i start great conversations ^^