Homemade Medicated food, My Recipe!

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    Hello all. Just sharing my recipe for my homemade Medicated fish food. I use this to administer metronidazole for the treatment of internal parasites but you can substitute the medication for any other meds that are crushable and are for internal use. This is for 4 rocks of food, 2cm³ in size. This lasts me usually 2.5/3 days (a little less than 2 blocks a day) and covers almost a full dose for my tank size (47G). I dose it for 40G just to make things simple.

    1 heaped TSP Agar agar flakes
    20ml tank water.
    8 Algae wafers (or whatever fish food you usually use - this is for a BN Pleco)
    10 De-shelled peas
    Finely diced Cucumber (or whatever veg you want)
    500mg of metronidazole (x2 Flagyl 250mg tablets)

    Defrosted blood worms/other frozen foods
    Tetra Colour flakes
    Hikari micro pellets
    1 TSP of garlic juice


    1) I use a Mortar and Pestle to crush everything up except the blood worms, cucumber and peas. Once everything is crushed up, put it into a small (quite small) container (like an egg cup).

    2) Make the agar agar jelly by getting 1 heaped teaspoon of agar agar flakes and adding 20ml of tank water and mixing them in a plastic jug. (Because nobody wants toxic chlorine in their finely prepared medicine-laced meal.)

    3) Heat the agar agar in the microwave so it's hot but NOT boiling. Stir for 8-10 mins so it starts to cool down.

    4) Once the agar agar starts to cool, mash the peas and add then with the bloodworms and very finely diced cucumber to your eggcup of powered everything.

    5) Using a syringe or turkey baster, slowly add the agar agar to the eggcup of ingredients until it forms a paste. You can add as much or as little agar agar as you want, just as long as all the ingredients have bonded together.

    6) Use a teaspoon or turkey baster to put the tasty medi-goo into either an ice cube tray or a blister pack. (I just use the empty bister packs from frozen blood worms as they are the perfect size). This step is rather messy.

    7) Put your finely crafted, perfectly shaped cubes of mush into the freezer for 10 mins and then into the fridge for the rest of their shelf lives. Just make sure that when you want to put one into your tank, that it's not frozen.

    This is a great way to get your fish to ingest medicine and for me and my fish (bn Pleco, RCS, cardinal tetras, guppies and WCMMs) it works a charm!

    NOTE - I use agar agar flakes as it is a seaweed based gelatin. Not only is it Vegan (woo), it is also safe for all fish and does not create as much waste as beef based gelatin. It also takes a lot longer to decay than the bg (which is great for slow eaters and grazers like my baby pleco!) You can find it in pretty much any health food shop or supermarket.

    All fish like nibbling on this glorious medi-cube (yes sometimes even the Minnows!) And my Pleco (who is the patient in question) has started recovering.

    Hope this helps anyone who is in need of a recipe and some recovering fish!

    Happy keeping ^_^
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    Thanks for sharing!

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