Homemade Fish Food Recipes?

Discussion in 'Fish Food' started by ABCDemily, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. ABCDemily

    ABCDemilyWell Known MemberMember

    I'm lookng to start making yummy and relatively cheap frozen food for my fish.
    I'm getting a Bolivian Ram next week, so it has to be a good all rounder.
    Betta friendly, Cichlid friendly, Live bearer friendly, tetra friendly, cory friendly...(All spread over three tanks lol)

    I read one with: carrots, cucumber, apple, oats, all blanched, then pureed, gelatin added, then frozen.

    Any other recipes for the fish? It works out a lot cheaper this way as well :)

    Thank you :D
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  2. Tony G.

    Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    i've been told that sugar isnt good for their diets. It sounds great!!! once you make the recipe let me know cuz i woyld like to try it myself :) ooo one suggestion.
    you could make the mix and then mix it with gellatin(clear flavorless) and put it in the fridge, that way it holds it together, and you can just cut out the cubes and feed away!good luck
  3. meicalnissyenNew MemberMember


    Because of research done over the last few years we have found that using warm blooded meat for fish just is not advised anymore. Please see our food list for more details...

    *500 grams (1 pound) white fish(cod, haddock,Hoki, tilapia or something similar) Normally what is on sale at the fish market. *350-500 grams (3/4-1 pound) a mix of krill,prawns(large shrimp), clams, squid, again whatever is on sale is normally good *1 can of shelled green peas *1 large carrot cooked until slightly tender and pureed

    *1 small packet of frozen spinach(150-200g) (Drained of all excess liquid) *200 grams (1/2 pound) of prawns (I like to peel and head them otherwise they pass the shells and they end up sitting on the bottom of your tank) *1 cup of fish food pellets crushed (soak this in some warm water to soften, they blends smoother if soft) *5-8 Cloves of peeled garlic, crushed and minced/pureed

    *2-3 packets of unflavored gelatin to bind(more may be used if a firmer consistency is desired)

    *2-3 Good quality multivitamin ground to powder


    It's really quite simple, everything except the gelatin needs to be either minced or put in the food processors and made into a mince-like consistency. I recommend that you do each of the meaty ingredient in the food processor separately and then combine all in a large mixing bowl. It's okay to blend all the veggies together. Once everything is blended up, combine it all in a bowl. Add the crushed fish food. Dissolve the gelatin in a little water (as little as possible) then also add. Mix thoroughly. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Spread the mix evenly on the trays at around 1/4" (5mm) thickness. Place two layers of baking paper over the mix and keep repeating until the tray is full. Allow to set up in the refrigerator, when firm score with the back of a knife into equal serving size portions. Freeze. Once frozen break portions up and store in a container in the freezer. You can add or not add whatever you like (anything from the food list) but avoid corn; it is indigestible to fish and causes problems. Any other ideas on this recipe would be good.

    You can add or not add whatever you like but avoid corn; it is indigestible to fish and causes problems.

    Any other ideas on this recipe would be good.

    Recipe by Tony Snell and the Admin Team

    Important Notes:

    This recipe makes an incredibly large amount of food. If you only have 1-3 large cichlids, very young, or small fish; I would recommend making the above recipe at 1/4 portions. This will make sure that it doesn't sit around in the freezer for ever while you try and go through it. I say this out of experience.

    Also several people including the creator have burned out their wives blenders making this recipe. I recommend only using a good food processor, if you use a blender be very careful and add all ingredients slowly to insure the blade does not freeze up. Wives and girlfriends tend to be very unhappy when this happens.

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  4. Amanda

    AmandaFishlore VIPMember

    I know Shawnie makes her own food. I'm sure she'll see this thread the next time she's on the forum. :)

  5. OP

    ABCDemilyWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you so much for all the super fast replies! I'll look into using fish and prawns, they're relatively cheap around here, and I know it's good quality :)
  6. MaddieLynn

    MaddieLynnWell Known MemberMember

    I made a frozen veggie wafer type thing for goldies. Here's what I did:

    Blanched frozen peas, spinach, watermelon rind (I thought that would be good fiber), and cucumber, then drained it and pureed it in the food processor. Then I disolved 2 packs of unflavored geletain in a little boiling water and mixed it in. I poured it in muffin tins for molds and I just shave a little piece off whenever I want to feed it.

    If I did it again I'd use more gelatain. You can just use whatever green veggies you have laying around. I was also going to use some oats but I forgot. :p
  7. OP

    ABCDemilyWell Known MemberMember

    Heehee! That sounds like a good recipe. I dread to think what's in the veggie drawer in my fridge right now. Probably a large, brown, rotten mush.

    I'm going to start working on the recipe/ actually making it next week, I'll let you know how it goes :)
  8. Annadvn

    AnnadvnWell Known MemberMember

    I make 2 types of home made foods, a vegetarian one for african cichlids and a meaty one for all the other fish.

    The veggie one has, spinach, broccoli, spinach, carrots, peas, zuchinni and cucumber all blended and combined with unflavoured gelatin and frozen (stays edible for longer)

    The carnivore ones has all of the above in (we usually just save some aside when we are making them both) and beef heart (a lot of people use this as a staple for homemade foods) white fish (usually remove fins and head) blended, shrimp (we try include the meat from the head, but remove shells as the shells don't blend easily), any other seafood thats on special or reduced (clams, squid for example) We blend it altogether and add unflavoured gelatin and freeze.

    Once frozen we cut into cubes (depends on sizes of mouths as to what sizes) and feed once a day, we don't add any multivitamins as we feed along side regular good quality fish food. Mornings they get fish food, evenings they get home made foods.

    Other things you could add to the food include earthworms, fishing bait (make sure its not be coated in anything) insects from garden - as long as you don't use pesticides).


    P.S from experience you might want to make sure the windows are open, it usually smells bad!
  9. OP

    ABCDemilyWell Known MemberMember

    I might compile a giant recipe book from all this haha! The veggie one sounds more feasable (I'm sixteen with no job and no money lol!) And I don't know how readily available beefheart is here in Englishland. I do have loads of Lamb giblets sitting in my freezer, so they may go in nat some point.

    Thanks for the help, I'm sure my fishies will loveeee it :D
  10. Annadvn

    AnnadvnWell Known MemberMember

    I'm sure Lamb would be fine too. Over here in America its easier to get beef products than any lamb. My parents in England raise sheep and always have a freezer full of lamb, i will get them to check out lamb over beef for fish.

  11. OP

    ABCDemilyWell Known MemberMember

    Cool, where do they live over here? My cousins raise sheep as well, we've always got shipments of lamb coming this way. Four out of ten freezer drawers are full of it! As they are both red meat, I can't see there being any discnerable difference between nutritional values or anything....

    I shall have to see what I can get my hands on :)
  12. Betta Whisperer

    Betta WhispererWell Known MemberMember

    when I made my homemade food I strainded the liquid off it. Then I spread it out on a cookie sheet and baked it on very low heat in the over for a few hours. Then let it dry and cool overnight. Then broke it up into pieces that I would put in a feeding clip and attatched that to the inside of the tank. The fish have a feeding frenzy over it with no little pieces floating all over the place or mucking up the water.
  13. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    I use the same things as anna but i do add the one a day vitamin...main things to avoid are high suger foods and starchy foods....but DONT forget the plain gelatin ...it will be a mess (been there!) great responses ~!
  14. RogueAgent94

    RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    Okay so one food that I used a lot was pretty easy to make. Ingredients are:

    Beef Heart,
    Chicken Liver,
    Chicken Meat,
    White Fish Meat,
    Boiled Eggyoke,
    and just about anything else you want to add.

    So first thing you want to do is take all the ingredients and make sure they're not frozen. Then chop them up and separate them according to whether they are meat or veggies or fruit. First you take the meat and blend it really well. I usually leave it a bit chunky but you want it pretty well liquidized. Then add it to a pot on your stove with medium heat. Put all the stuff in but the beef heart. You leave the beef heart for last.

    Then do the same for all your veggies put them all in the pot. With Garlic you usually want to add half a teaspoon or so of crushed garlic or paste. When your cutting up the fruits you want to make sure you don't get any seeds in the mix. Some seeds like Apple seeds contain toxins that can ruin an entire batch of food. Chop up the fruit and the blend that as well. You can then add the fruit.

    After all the meat is in except for the beefheart and all the veggies/fruit is in the pot you can add the beefheart. I would blend this a few times to get it pretty fine. Add that to the pot of stuff and your ready.

    After you add the veggies you want to start to raise the heat until the stuff reaches a boil by the time you add the beefheart. Mix everything really well. The veggies will turn everything pretty green. Because the beefheart will be heavier (more dense) than the rest of the ingredients it will sink to the bottom when you add it. A good way of telling that everything is pretty well mixed is by seeing how red it is. The green 'slop' should get a reddish tinge to it by the time your done. Then turn the heat off and let the pot sit.

    While the pot is cooling you can begin getting ready to bag it and put it in the freezer. You want Ziplock bags. Add around a cup or a dozen tablespoons of the stuff into each gallon bag. It shouldn't be near half full. If it is then you want to take some out. Make sure the ingredients are cool when your putting them in the bags because you can get burned very easily. Now that you have the right amount of food in each bag you want to lay it flat and lowly push the food towards the entrance of the bag. When your about two inches away you just push the rest of the air out of the bag and zip it closed. Then you can even the bag out pretty well. The bag should not be very thick unless you want thick piece of food to feed to your fish. Lay the bags flat on top of one another on a flat surface in your freezer.

    Once the bags are fully frozen you can stand them up in the freezer to take up less space. Now that everything is made you can open up a bag and break off however much you want to feed. Hold the food in the aquarium water for a few seconds and then let go. I usually put it on a plate on the substrate of the tank so the fish don't make a huge mess. They should polish that off pretty fast. I wouldn't feed this more than 4 times a week in large quantities. You could feed it once a day in small quantities if you wanted to.

    Remember to do a gravel vac an hour or two after feeding just to pick up any bits that your fish didn't get. This is highly perishable food and will foul your water very quickly. On a side note do not feed this food to Mbuna Cichlids or other mostly herbivore fish as it can cause bloating. Special foods can be made for them out of mostly or completely vegetable matter. Starch such as rice and wheat can also be added but be sure not to add anything like sugar or salt. This food can also be made into flakes or pellets. To make it into flakes lay a very thin layer on a pan and put it in the oven on low heat. When it is completely baked take it out and break it into pieces. Cooking it should take several hours.

    I don't usually add gelatin to my foods. This is because in India I couldn't get it locally. I also found that my fish ate the food fast enough that I didn't have to add it. Gelatin is usually added to keep the food together especially when blocks are made.

    Hope this helps!
  15. RogueAgent94

    RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    DIY Fish Food

    So I just finished making some fish food so I decided I would share.

    Ingredients -

    1 head of Romanian Lettuce
    1 Cucumber
    1 Can Clams
    1 Banana
    1 Apple
    1 Packet of Beef Liver
    1 Packet of Shrimp
    2 Fillets of White Fish
    2 Tomatoes
    2 Cans of V8
    2 Carrots
    Minced Garlic + Garlic Juice
    One giant handful of duckweed!

    So first I took everything out and began to thaw it out and cut it up, I made sure to keep everything separate. After chopping everything up I liquidized it. Meaning I just stuck it in the blender, mine sucks so this part took longer than normal. After liquidation I first put the Shrimp and clams into the pan. I added a cup of water which is something I should NOT have done. The food came out too 'soupy'. Then I added the fish. After that I turned on the heat. I would suggest first turning it on medium heat and then lowering so you don't overcook the food. While blending the two things I added a small bit of water to each and any water that was in the bag I added. Then I added the beef liver. After the beef liver I added all the veggies. After the veggies I added some garlic and garlic juice. I added a full teaspoon but you can add less if you want. I believe around half a teaspoon is usually recommended. Lastly I added the fruits.

    Important notes with making the food. (1) Liquidize everything prior to putting it in the pot. (2) Have a large enough pot with a lid. (3) Be prepared for a not so nice smell coming out of the food. (4) Stir the solution very well almost constantly. (5) Do not add salt or other such stuff. (6) Start with a clean work area!

    Okay so when you begin to cook the food you have to do everything pretty fast. Have the pot on medium heat so it's not boiling but is still pretty hot. Add each thing separately and stir them for 5 minutes before adding the next thing. Once you have added the veggies and fruits bring the solution up to a boil and stir for around 10 minutes. Stir everything really well because the meat will usually settle to the bottom if you don't. Once 10 minutes is up take the pot off the hot stove and place it somewhere else to cool. You can add gelatin at this point if you want but I don't. Let it cool for an hour or more and then place it in bags. Try to get as much air out of the bag as possible. Lay the bags flat on something flat and place it in your freezer. That way the food stays even. That way when they freeze you can stand them up.

    That's basically all you do! You can also make this food into flake food pretty easily. You can also add other ingredients that I didn't have on hand. Other things that you can add are zucchini, canteloup, watermelon, different lettuces, beef heart (great for cichlids), chicken liver, mutton, ect. Just about anything is great for them. You can also add worms if you want but I prefer to feed those live.
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  16. pirahnah3

    pirahnah3Fishlore VIPMember


    what would removing the beef heart do to the process? If anything.
  17. RogueAgent94

    RogueAgent94Fishlore VIPMember

    Nothing really. Beef heart is great for cichlids like Discus. It's sort of a color booster. I couldn't find any beef heart so I substituted it with beef lever.
  18. HaimishifyNew MemberMember

    My version of gel food :D

    As you may know, I was trying to make some gel food that would be fine for my tropicals and also my goldies.
    I decided to take a shot after reading some articles(its very similar to a recipe from a loach website which said its fine for other fish. I decided to give it a twist) It was experimental really. But it turned out to be quite a hit with both the goldies and tropicals. So here is my "recipe"
    (just a note, I'm terrible at explaining recipes)

    1 Can V8 100 % vege juice
    2 small-med tilapia boneless fillets(prev. frozen)
    a banana
    1/4 c zucchini
    1/4 c frozen peas
    1/4 c broccoli
    2 baby carrots(we had only one left since the tortoise ate the rest)
    3/4 package of frozen chopped spinach block
    A tiny tiny tiny pinch of powdered multi vit, and vit c
    3 envelops Knox unflav. gelatin
    3 cloves of finely chopped garlic
    A blender

    So using the blender
    I started off my using 1/4 of the V8 can and tilapia and turning it into a smooth thick nasty smelling paste. Pour this into a fairly large bowl
    Next add the spinach to the blender, using another 1/4 of the the can of V8. Then I added in the banana and blended it. Pour this into the bowl as well.
    Next(this took a while to do since the blender is kinda small), blend another 1/4 can(at the end, you will have 1/4 of the can to drink ), with the zucchini, peas, broccoli and carrots garlic and vitamins. I added a splash of it water so it would blend better. Blend away!
    When its done blended, add it to the big bowl and mix mix MIX!

    Once you get a good mix done, over low heat, bring the mixture to a simmer. Constantly stir. Turn your heat up to med.
    Next boil about 1 1/4 c of water and dissolve 3 of the small envelops of gelatin. Once you get it dissolved, add it to you mixture.
    Turn up your heat to med high and stir away. Make sure you get everything mixed well.
    Turn off your heat. And let cool for a minute of two(make sure its still hot but not boiling).
    Pour into zip-lock bags to your desired thickness. Freeze on a flat surface.
    Then bam! You're ready to go!
    I'll probably feed this every other day til I run out(i think it'll last a few months)(now I feed 2 times a day). I will keep looking up ways to make it better(like adding shrimp and clams/scallops and more veges).
    But yeah. Try it out if you'd like
    The goldies go cray-cray for it. And so do the tropical fish!
  19. Akari_32

    Akari_32Fishlore LegendMember

    Goldfish Soup

    Goldfish Soup:

    Frozen Bloodworms
    Frozen Spiralina Brine Shrimp
    1 cup Water

    Combine Bloodworms and Brine Shrimp, as much as needed, in water. Allow to thaw. Feed with turkey baster. Large fish may bite turkey baster, so be sure to have a good grip on it.

  20. Akari_32

    Akari_32Fishlore LegendMember

    Hehe, sure thing :) Just getting creative with what I had in the freezer XD I have plans to add gelatin, fresh veggies and NLS pellets. My goldfish are all outside, so they get lots of good stuff that falls into the pond too.

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