How Do I Home Made Gel Food (rapashy Home Made) For Goldfish


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Hi, I have been trying to find rapashy in my country (already tried in amazon). And the only way that I found is with a person on facebook, however the person that I found don't accept paypal and you have to pay first and wait atleast a month so talking with a friend he told me his recipe for gel food, so I want to know what do you guys think. I want it to have a lot of protein and moisture but without beign hard to diggest like rapashy (40%, Crude Fat min. 6%, Crude Fiber max. 5%, Moisture max. 8%, Ash max. 10%) or even better than rapashy.
Righ now I'm feeding my goldfish azoo ultra fresh pellets, new life spectrum, exept sundays that I give them peas, mondays I give them freeze dried tubifex and sometimes I give them brocoli. And talking with people about rapashy I think people hate rapashy in my country xD (maybe that's why is so hard to find it) they told me that is a lot better to use fresh and natural food and I talked with a very known member in facebook that has some amazing ranchus and he told me that the he feeds them with tubifex, hikarI lionhead and a home made gel food, but he didnt gave me his recipe for the gel food ☹
But here is a recipe that a friend uses. He also gave me step by step on how to cook it.
12 shrimps
200 grams of tilapia
250 grams of a cauliflower
250 grams of a broccoli
250 grams of a carrots
250 grams of summer squash
250 grams of peas
250 grams of zucchini
5 pills of multivitamins. Cant post the link to amazon but they are called Sukrol Tablets
3 garlic cloves
1 plantain
1 yellow apple
100 grams of unflavored gelatin

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