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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by delta5, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Its been 5 days since my last water change. did a test and got 0-0-50. Can my nitrates be high because of seachem excel or tetra easy flora? Aside from those 2 chems the only thing that has changed in my tank is I switched from gravel to sand. With a heavily planted tank, how much nitrates is too much?

  2. Viriam KaroWell Known MemberMember

    Heavily planted tanks only make nitrates "okay" because they keep them low. Having lots of plants does not make 50 ppm nitrates less toxic ;) for perspective, my tank is moderately planted, fully- to slightly over-stocked, and even after 2 weeks the nitrates are only at 10 ppm.

    What's Tetra Easy Flora?

  3. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Sorry, its tetra florapride.
  4. NCE12940Well Known MemberMember

    What about your tap water? Mine has 20-40ppm nitrates.
  5. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    Tap is less than 5ppm. I haven't had this problem until I switched to sand and started using excel and florapride. I'm guessing I either need to use less chems or add more light?

    Its too bad I can't use my old 150w ballast and hps bulb. It puts out like 16,000 lumens but pretty sure its the wrong spectrum :(
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  6. Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    Neither of those items contain nitrates, florapride is a potassium and iron supplement. I would switch to Seachem Flourish, it is much better.
    I would recheck you nitrate readings, first on your tank, if high, then on your source. If your source is not the issue, than you need to do more regular larger water changes. Changing from gravel to sand will not effect anything, unless you had a bunch of decaying material under the gravel that you did not remove.
  7. poeticinjusticesWell Known MemberMember

    Remember that tap water parameters can change. Heavy rains, run off, broken water mains, etc can leak ammonia/nitrate (has anyone ever seen nitrite in tap?) into your water and affect the pH. I try to test mine weekly but, with the sheer volume of WCs I've had to do for my sick fish, I've been more lax on it than I should be.

    Get familiar with your local water company's website. Issues are often posted there.

    I have to wonder what's going on though. You had 0 nitrates for, like, ever, right? I'm wondering if maybe one of your test kits is off and you had a spike without seeing that subsequently led to high nitrates? Either way, you'll need to bring them down. That's too high.
  8. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    I already did a 60% water change. Also moved some decor around. I'm very tempted to go buy rocks as a lfs for 4-6 dollars a pound lol.
  9. ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    There is a little difference in technique between cleaning sand as opposed to gravel. As you just switched recently, I expect that you might be leaving some waste behind, leading to high nitrate.
    Try sort of using your siphon like a wand, about an inch about the sand, and pick up only the waste that you will see; it is not more difficult than vacing gravel, only different, and you will soon catch on.
    Until then, tho, increase your W/Cs.----rick
  10. delta5Well Known MemberMember

    We just got back from texas Road House and it looks like the fish crapped every sq inch of the sand. :(
  11. poeticinjusticesWell Known MemberMember

    Haha. Probably just because it doesn't fall out of sight like in the gravel.
  12. ricmccWell Known MemberMember

    I was out no more than one minute, I swear, and my 15 year old Lab Retriever took similar liberties; sometimes I really would like to be a Light Tower Keeper:)-Rick

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