holidays have come so what should I do Question

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    The best part of being a teacher is school holidays and mine have finally came. Now i just have to decide what i want to do and where i want to go, So you guys can help me decide.

    1. I could go to Inner Mongolia to either the desert or the grasslands. the problem is the desert is really hot this time of year and the grasslands even though the weather is cooler its still a little hot and they don't speak normal mandarin but Mongolian and a western mandarin dialect so going on my own i could run into quite a few problems communicating.

    2. I Could go to the beach in Dalian or Qingdao both are not far from where i live but during the holidays there are millions of people traveling there and its pretty normal nothing special.

    3. Lastly I could go up the mountains in Shanxi with a Chinese friend for business so it wouldn't cost me anything and id be staying in luxury but id have to deal with business dinners and all the garbage that goes along with it.

    My fish will be taken care of so ive no problems leaving So what would you guys choose from the 3.
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    One other thing !!! PICSSSS !!