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  1. ZeeZ Well Known Member Member

    I've been seeing a couple of separate threads about what people got for Christmas, so I thought I'd make one where everyone could post what they received or gave, as the case might be, for whatever holiday they celebrated.

    I got -

    Duke Blue Devils (My favorite sports team, which is an university) heavy jacket
    Duke Blue Devils t-shirt
    Duke Blue Devils socks
    Duke Blue Devils beer jacket
    Duke Blue Devils car emblem
    Duke Blue Devils watch
    Bedsheets and comforter set (My dog, Zee, tore the old one just a week ago...)
    Handcrafted coffee mug and a blue cup
    Ratcheting cargo straps
    Ratcheting wrench that will work with 12mm up to 20mm nuts/bolts.
    18 Volt cordless power drill
    Super sticky tape stronger than duct tape
    Handheld LED work light and a larger wireless LED work light
    Cocktails calendar with recipes
    Small Beers of the World book with bottle cap opener and coasters
    J.K. Rowling's new adult novel, The Casual Vacancy
    TED (movie)
    The Walking Dead Season Two
    Assassin's Creed III for Xbox 360 (Set during the Revolutionary War)

    But my favorite things were these two glass decors that my 11 year old and 8 year old nieces gave me -



    And my favorite gift that I gave to a friend of mine who became number 18 of only 18 Firearms Examiners in the entire state. There are only like 200 Firearms Examiners in the entire United States and she just became one of them this month.

    A solid milk chocolate gun complete with a gun case! -


    How about you guys/gals?

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  2. aylad Well Known Member Member

    My favorite and biggest gift so far is the Lego Pet Shop. Yes, I am an adult married man. ;D That is an epic set though.

    My in-laws arrive from Chicago and Memphis tomorrow, so I'll get a second and possibly bigger Christmas tomorrow evening. :)

  3. Mrs.Price Valued Member Member

    75 Gallon from my mom

    $25 from my aunt in Oregon
    $30 from my brother to get a new disk drive for our xbox 360
    And a shoebox full of chocolates from my friend Scotland :) (including some Cadbury eggs!) :D

    And a tattoo from my grandmother which I haven't redeemed yet.

  4. Tigress Hill Well Known Member Member

    I got the Batman Trilogy (obviously;)), all five seasons of the Teen Titans, a new phone, 6.6 gallon bookshelf tank, and some general aquarium supplies.
  5. JessiNoel21 Well Known Member Member

    I got a Red Sea Max s 650, earrings with mine and Taleigh's birth stone in it, a gallon of Prime, a tshirt with Taleigh's footprints, Ted(Blu Ray), uggs, Giftcard to Barnes and Noble ;), and Giftcard to get a tattoo ;).

    I gave Dan a ring with Taleigh's birthdate, My mom and dad gift card to their favorite restaurant, my Dad Craftsman tool chest, my brothers all got jerseys to their favorite teams, my sister and her fiancé:)(he asked her yesterday during dinner) a season pass to Six Flags, and the rest of my family go gift cards to their favorite places.
  6. Ziggi Well Known Member Member

    I got an outfit (jeans, top and some jewelry), a giftcard to dressbarn, a hot cocoa giftset which includes mexicocoa(dark chocolate with mexican spices... should be interesting?) and the highlight of my life: a $25 regal giftcard to catch up on my movies thanks to my bro who I miss like crazy :'( Oh well :D

    I wanted to give my mom Cirque du Solei tickets but the closest was Norfolk, VA ... so she got a $50 visa card and a bar of lemon pepper dark chocolate, which I hope she likes... why pepper and chocolate I dunno. Anywho, we'll try again for her birthday. My (other) bro got some Vikings stuff, and the coworkers got Starbucks giftcards (one got a movie card for Les Mis :D) and flavored marshmallows!
  7. Junne Fishlore Legend Member

    My hubby and I don't usually get each other stuff ( except little stocking stuffers )

    We mainly concentrate on our son ( which usually gets only ONE gift from us, the REST from SANTA )

    I get my joy watching him open his presents and the excitement of Santa bringing him all kinds of stuff.
    Some of the things he got ( he actually only wanted ONE THING from Santa and that was Minecraft game )

    Skylanders starter kit + one 3 pack of characters - ( from us )
    Roblox subscription
    Itunes gift card
    5 DS games
    5 or 6 books
    a bunch of board games

    Finding out Santa brought more than one gift!!

    734685_10200284633747095_1327502654_n (1).jpg


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  8. freak78 Well Known Member Member

    Yep my wife and I usually just get ourselves one combination gift that we both want. All the rest goes to our 3 little girls.
  9. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    well so far (havent been to all the family yet)

    some bacon air fresheners
    Bacon salt
    bacon pop corn
    (are we sensing a theme here)
    some family guy christmas tree ornaments
    a few dunkin donuts gift cards (im a major coffee addict)
  10. monkeypie102 Well Known Member Member

    I got
    An alarm clock (sometimes my tablet doesn't go off)
    A fluffy jacket! (Picked it out myself xD)
    A lava lamp (?)
    And a Marble Angelfish (from my brother)

    Some strange hand but toy to my friends kids
    assassin snails to my brother
    Pat on the back to everyone else (I found out they are cheap :) )