Hole in the head


I had my betta fish for about 2-3 months now. He is currently in a 2.5 gallon tank but I am getting a bigger tank soon. I started giving him API Bettafix last week because he most likely got stuck in one of those cichlid rocks I got from petsmart and lost some scales. That is what I’m assuming happened. Anyway I was looking back at some pictures I took of him and noticed he had a couple holes in his head. I went to look at him in his tank and he definitely does have hole in the head.
How should I cure it? Should I continue using the API Bettafix for another week? I feel really bad for not noticing this earlier.


Temperature matched water changes a few times a week. Keep that up while the fish heals.

If you live near a PetSmart, I think their Top Fin kits are on sale, something like 30% off.

I would advise to get a 10 gallon for your Betta.

Does your 2.5g have a filter?

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