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    2 days ago I noticed something strange with one of my guppies poop, best way to describe is that it looked like 2 tiny little spikes coming out... then yesterday unnoticed a small brown patch behind his Finn, few hours later it turned into a red hole and has "stuff" coming out of its side... I saw on a old thread someone saying their hippie was pooping out of its side... how could this be possible? Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.
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    Could you take a picture of it? It doesn't sound good for your fish... and the spikes could have been parasites
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    I can't say with certainty but it sounds like an internal parasite. What are your water parameters? Are you able to get a pic? Sorry your guppy is sick :(
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    I don't know how to post it, every time I try to load the file it's saying the image is too big, and I don't know how to crop it.. doing all of this off of my iPhone... any suggestions? Thank you so much for the input so far

    I was able to post a video of it, in member galleries...?.. very new at all of this, having a tank and using this site... hopefully it worked and you can see what I'm talking about. I googled it, and couldn't find any info, just saw 1 video that had a guppy with same problem but no info.... so, so strange.
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    Go to your photo of your guppy, screenshot it, and post it here.

    Because the iPhone camera is so good the photo is too large a file. A screenshot of that photo is a lesser quality image and so much smaller.

    Sounds like camallanus worms, but a pic will help confirm.
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    Thanks so much for that, hope it worked and you can see it... going to do some research on the camallanus worms now, I really appreciate any ideas of potential causes at least have something can look into... When I called big al's fish store the guy had no idea, and just said could get antibiotic drops for the tank......

    So I just googled camallanus worms, and so far it's making the most sense.. looked at images of fish infected with the cam' worm, and it looked like what my guppy had, only difference, it was coming out of the hole in my guppy side.. and I haven't seen the red stringy thing (worm) for a couple weeks, only seeing what looks like digested food coming out of the hole... going to post a pic Taken today, which is what It's been looking like.. thankfully no other fish showing signs of the "red string"... I hate to ask this, but if it comes to where there's nothing I can do, and it's just suffering, what is the most humane way to euthanize a fish?

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