Hobbies other than fish keeping

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I've been inspired by the barbeque thread. Please share hobbies (we already know the fishkeeping one), no matter how wacky they may be.

We don't care if you crochet or sky-dive, read books or write them... we're just interested in knowing what you like to do. Just keep it family-friendly.

Other than fishkeeping:

1) I enjoy obsessing about characters in books I read (Dr. Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park, Edward Cullen from Twilight, Vishous from the Black Dagger Brotherhood books.) I love to read in general, but usually nothing heavy.
2) Shopping on ebay and amazon is fun, but shopping at the store is not.
3) Going to the public library with my little boy. I have a lot of respect for the institution, and it is exciting for me to share my love for it with him, hopefully teaching him to love it too.
4) I enjoy playing RPGs online, but with children and a full-time job, this is not something I really get to do much anymore. I thought the Sims were great fun!
5) A newer hobby is homework and learning stuff with my little boy. Tomorrow I think we're going to the library to pick up a Magic Tree House book. I am not familiar with them, but I wanted to read chapter books to him, and Harry Potter is a little sophosticated for him. An online search suggested these Magic Tree House books as a good place to start.

share yours if you would like.
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Fishing, golfing, sailing, windsurfing, tennis, video games, cooking, and wasting time
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what kind of video games? I have a PS3 and a GBA.
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Family, God, Hunting, Hiking, Friends, woodworking, bbq, and building computers.
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what kind of video games? I have a PS3 and a GBA.

I have a PS2 and a Wii, but rarely play anything but the WiI anymore. None of my friends like to play me because they always lose - doesn't matter what game, or what system. I know I should just take a dive from time to time, but where's the fun in that?

I'm generally bored with traditional games, which is why I like the Wii.
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I'm generally bored with traditional games, which is why I like the Wii.

The WiI is awesome! It's my preferred system too! Trying to speed run New Super Mario Bros at the moment. Hehehe.

Wii, DSi, MMORPGs! I also do a little bit web development and mess with my linux box

Shopping on ebay and amazon is fun, but shopping at the store is not.
I know so so many people enjoy online shopping, but I personally think it's a downfall. I try to shop locally as much as possible - support local businesses. And I prefer to see, feel and try what I'm buying before I pass money over. Oh, and I've boycotted paypal, they have too much of a monopoly and they're a bad penny and code pinching company.
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The WiI is awesome! It's my preferred system too! Trying to speed run New Super Mario Bros at the moment. Hehehe.

Did you get to 99 lives in the first world?
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Did you get to 99 lives in the first world?
I have heard about that, but I've never done it. Will try some time
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I figured it out on my own. Just look for long ground stretches with turtles and lots of guys walking around. If you throw and run after a turtle shell, after like 5, each guy it knocks down gives you a 1 up. There are places like that all throughout the game.
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Crocheting, jigsaw puzzles, reading, drawing, birds, fishing, gardening, bonzai, writing poems, cooking, collecting wood with my chainsaw, starting fires, coming up with crafts.

Hobbies that I don't get a chance to do (and would be difficult to do anymore) - camping, hiking, walking, biking, stream and lake fishing.
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My husband and I both are in to motorcycles and riding......have been owned and loved by parrots for over 30 years,then of course all the dogs....lol.....love to sew,crosstich,and collect sharks-teeth on the beach(this one is my theropy...lol...)
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Reading, practising calligraphy, science (love learning new things, apart from fishlore, newscientist is one of my favourite sites ), tennis, footy, (watching and having a kick here and there), watching Sci-FI tv shows and movies (ohhhh, I shouldn't have started, LOVE Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Firefly, the list goes on!) and pc gaming (I tend to love tycoon-based games).

I think that pretty much covers everything for me Any other sci-fI fans out there???
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I'm into collecting chainsaws. I love old riding mowers, wheelhorse, economy, etc. I'm big into guns also.
I love long drives in the country.
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You guys have interesting hobbies

Eating, surfing the internet, PC games, PS2, exploring, piano, guitar, song writing, and church.

Hobbies I dream: skydiving, flying a plane, island hopping, and wall climbing
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My hobbies including playing PS2 (we're obsessed with Spyro around here-I know we're behind the times), reading, going places with my daughter (the mall, Medieval Times, horseback riding, Renaissance Festival, taking the dogs to the dog park, bird shows), watching movies, and I get a great amount of joy and therapy from spending time with and taking care all of our animals and creating better habitats for them.
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Boating, Fishing, Painting..watercolors, cooking AND Grandkids here on the beach!!!
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Playing World of Warcraft, building computers, watching movies, photoshop and very simple graphic design, collecting guns, anything car related (American muscle cars). Also anything to do with outside camping, backpacking, fishing, etc.
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We love summer!! We go biking, swimming, camping (just bought a boat for this year!!) Kids are old enough now. kinda..lol. We love cave exploring so do the kids, we only go on tours though with them. Working on the house, wood work, fish, fostering for our humane society, going to the park and on walks. We spend lots of time outside and anytime we aren't working (which is most of the time..lol) we are playing. We try to play harder then we work but it's hard..lol.
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Canoeing/Kayaking (longer trips w/ portage etc.)
Reading & Researching
Canine performance sports (agility, obedience, tracking, etc.)
Running (keeps me sane)
Cross stitch
Gardening - starting to get into sustainable heritage seed gardening
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You guys have some cool hobbies. I took a crochet class once. I was the only one in the class to finish the assignment (a blanket made of granny squares.) In college, I used to cross-stitch. So I guess I can do a little bit of creative stuff, but mostly, that's beyond me.
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Yarn Arts: Knitting, crocheting, spinning (making the yarn), knotting (Friendship bracelet type stuff).

Music: Competitive Singing (I'm going to All-States this spring) A Capella singing, playing various instruments (clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, tuba, mellophone, trumpet, guitar and piano)

Acting, dancing, and homework (if that can count... )
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2) Shopping on ebay and amazon is fun, but shopping at the store is not.

No Aquabid and DFS? *gasp*

My hobbies:

Martial Arts (Taekwondo) - three-day fasting coming up...sigh...

Sketching and drawing

Entomology - yay! Insects are my favorite animals (even more than fish. But fish are better pets, because insects have such short lifespans). Without them there would be no life on Earth. 55% of all living organisms are insects. Assuming that each biological class on Earth had the same number of species, insects are 275 times more in number than they should be.

Birdwatching - Another group of animals I love are birds. Currently planning to go to Altamont to see Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos canadensis), my second favorite animal. Altamont, CA has the greatest nesting density of them in the world.

Electronics - Not much, I like Restaurant City on Facebook, Fish Tycoon is okay but I don't play them too much.

FISHLORE! - Yep, normally I go on the weekends (no time on school days) and try to make up for those missing posts.

Of course, then there's researching every single wild animal I see, I have accounts on Bugguide.net (my homepage), Ebird.com, and such.

However, my three favorite hobbies are:



And the best of all...

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lol, Elodea... nope, no aquabid and DFS. I go to a wonderful local fish store called Fintique.
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Photography - mainly shoot for nonprofit organizations.
Gaming in the ps3 and pc.
Add me on psn: leeishom
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Horses of course ;D , as well as quading, reading, writing, camping, computer games, photography (just at home, not for others).
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I play video games (former World of Warcraft addict, but I'm mostly on consoles or handhelds these days), a lot of Magic: the Gathering, and a lot of German/Euro board games (Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, Smallworld, etc). I also like cooking, but don't do it too much because I hate the cleanup. And I sew and crochet a bit. Also planning to try re-learning knitting after the semester wraps up.
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Knitting, dyeing yarn & fiber, spinning yarn. That's it for me, I'm pretty boring otherwise. Oh, I am starting to get a love of dyeing my hair crazy colors and piercing, and tatting. Not sure if those are really hobbies though... Amateur photography.
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Cool thread! Interesting to see what everyone is in too.

As for me...martial arts (Brazilian Jujitsu), playing golf, weights training, and most things physical. And as for video games I love all versions of Guitar Hero Games (smash expert on Guitar haha). I wish I could play a real guitar though
Jake the Fish
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Eating, TV, Soccer, baseball, basketball, Wii, PSP (Fifa 10)

My weirdest hobby is thinking of ways to make money. (to get stuff for my fish tanks )

My dad is trying to get me into Target Shooting (pistols) since I'm old enough to get my gun licence. (Target Shooting as in the sport, not killing people lol)
platy ben
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Well for me:

Xbox 360
Nintendo ds
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Good morning.

I really enjoy boating. Chef and I live on a creek bank that leads into a beautiful river. We can actually reach the ocean by boat within 2 hours.

I'm a pianist and love to practice, playing my baby grand.

Of course my fish and all of my pets, dogs and cats.

Walking at sunrise.

Dinners with friends and neighbors.

Watching Chef prepare me a feast!

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Riding my Motorcycle
Spoiling my grand children
Aquarium keeping
Photography (just as a hobby)
PS3, Wii, Xbox and DSi
S.A.S.S. (Gun Shooting)
oh and I have to find time to work,,, darn it!
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Fishing (mostly surfcasting and dock fishing)
Reading and blogging about science
Going out with my telescope
Collecting music (total 70s prog fan)
Playing World of Warcraft
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Playing World of Warcraft

Playing World of Warcraft

What all do you play? I played a human warlock on a pvp server from 1-60 from MC/BWL raiding days until the second expansion, and then I more or less switched to feral druid (main tanked for my guild), although I have about 5 classes at level 60+ (before the nerfed 1-60 xp!), including holy priest, MM hunter, ret paladin, and another warlock. Haven't played for about a year though, and haven't raided in maybe one and a half. I miss it sometimes.
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I play Horde on Burning Blade (pvp). I'm about to get my 5th 80 this week (disc priest). My other 80s are destro lock, unholy dk, prot paladin and MM hunter. Pre-BC I raided hardcore a couple of years. I'm pretty much burnt out of all raiding nowadays and stick to pvp.
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Games (Original PS, PS2, PS3, PSP-original, PSP GO, PC), Hiking, Deep Sea Fishing, Basketball, Golf, Football, Watching TV, Doing Nothing, Sell stuff.
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Photography - I'm taking a wedding/portrait course at the moment.

Procreating - In that I have three kids, that is.

Teaching - we homeschool.

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Photography - I'm taking a wedding/portrait course at the moment.

Procreating - In that I have three kids, that is.

Teaching - we homeschool.


what kind of set-up do you use?
Nikon, canon?
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I like building things, currently the pond is being rebuilt, see the thread in Ponds. Last summer it was the kitchen, last spring it was a tree house, before that bunk beds. Over the winter, I rebuilt the fish room. 2 years ago, I rebuilt the front porch.

I loved Lego's and Lincoln Logs and such as a child. I was always building something. Nails were always a favorite gift.

I'm an architect now, I guess building is in my DNA.

Other hobbies are fishing and boating, playing with kids, grilling and cooking.
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what kind of set-up do you use?
Nikon, canon?

My DSLR is a Nikon.
My P&S is a Canon.

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