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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by sirdan89, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. sirdan89New MemberMember

    So I started with a 10gal a month ago sort of rushed into buying stuff for it and I ended up with a submersible filter in there as that is what the store had. Then I did more research on filters and at the same time acquired a 29 gallon tank for free! I ended up going with a tetra whisper 60 power filter for the tank as I figured I could dial the flow back a bit and have room to grow if I decided to go bigger later on. I watched the 30 minute video of the aquarium co op guy hot rodding HOB filters. One of the big things they did was add a pre filter but, I kind of hate the pre filter from an aesthetic stand point as it makes the intake tube larger and more obvious. My next question is about the chemical filtration. It looks like most people ditch it and go with big sponges. Should I run it when I set the tank up then swap to big sponges? or just throw it in the trash and get big sponges for this filter. It also sounds like purigen would fix anything the sponges couldn't. Anyway should i just swap right away to big sponges then do my cycle and add purigen if needed for water clarity? or should I run what I have for a little bit then get big sponges and wedge the factory sponges in to get the BB into the new ones? Also where can I get sponges? does it have to be special ones from the aquarium co op site or can i get them somewhere else? trying to be budget minded here so if I can save money I am all for it.
  2. bryangarWell Known MemberMember

    That’s what I did, im sure other people did it too. I swapped out my cartridge for sponges. You can buy them at your local fish store, Petco and petsmart sell them too. It’s the aquaclear foam. I personally like a prefilter sponge, you never know when a fish or fry could get sucked up and it traps all the larger particles so its less maintenance. I used the Hob and canister filters sponges but personally I like the canister ones better, you can buy them off ebay for way cheaper than a store.
  3. Gypsy13Fishlore VIPMember

    Agree. I want to get a canister. Maybe. Probably. But I don’t run carbon in my tanks. I have some if I need to add it for some reason, especially for the qt in case I need to remove meds. :)
  4. E150GTValued MemberMember

    I run a pre filter on my tank for shrimp babies. the babies don't survive, but are food for my fish. It also keeps the sponge inside the hob from getting dirty. They aren't necessary. You can hotrod all you want but its not always necessary, especially if you don't like the looks of the pre filter. On my 5 gallon, I have an ATI pre filter and a couple pieces of aqua clear sponge. Its more than adequate. The tank is stocked, perhaps a little over stocked. On my 29 I have no pre filter. I just have an aqua clear with no carbon. Just the stock bio rings and sponge. That is adequate for the tank. I can't comment on purigen as I do not use it. Sponges have done more than enough for me. I have found that my 5 gallon, the water stays pretty clear with the pre filter. On the 29, I sometimes add a little filter floss to help clean up the small particles floating around. I would ditch the cartridges and run the sponges. aqua clear sponges are cheap at the pet store. They will work great. If not anything with surface are that is clean will suffice.

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