Ho Many Barbs Do You Need?

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    Based on personal experience:

    When I had 5 Ruby Barbs, they behaved poorly and fin nipped, when I upped the quantity to 6, life was grand. The Ruby Barbs where very active keeping to them selves and was fun to watch. I would recommend a minimum of 6 Ruby Barbs.

    When I had 5 Tiger Barbs they kept to themselves in isolation. They didn't bother other tank makes but clearly were in distress. When I upped the quantity to 6 things did not change. When I upped the quantity to 7, they started to be more 'fun to watch' but showed signs of being scared around certain fish. When I upped the quantity to 8 (present stocking level) replace your TV with them, they school really nice and always entertaining. I would recommend no less than 7 Tiger Barbs.
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    I think it depends on the size of the tank also. My cherry barbs (4ft tank) were most comfortable when I upped them to 16. Sadly I lost a few along the line and only have 13 now and they do bicker more often between themselves now. When I first started stocking, I only had ten and they did nothing but chase each other all day long.