hmmm white worm on cardinal

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by llfish, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. llfish

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    Hi I was staring into my tank and noticed one of my cardinal tetra has what looks like a tiny white worm on his body and dorsal fin. I tried to get a good picture but I can't. Any idea what it could be. I was thinking of using Prazi pro or something but anyone have this before? I assuming it is a parasite. Did a water check params are good Ammonia 0 nitrite 0 and nitrate 10, temp is 78.
    * it also looks like 3 tiny clear "bubbles" are surrounding the white thing on the dorsal.
  2. Matt B

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    If it looks like a clear blister with a fine white thread inside I may have dealt with what you have. The cardinals that I had with it would exhibit clear blisters with the worms, growing in quantity in time. I treated with Tetra Parasite guard, Prazi pro, and API general cure with no success.

    I started aggressively culling all fish exhibiting symptoms and haven't had a recurrance in 7 months or so. It is worth mentioning all my cardinals are wild-caught so can have all sorts of parasites we aren't familiar with.

    You may be able to treat but thought I'd share my experience.
  3. OP

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    That sounds exactly what it looks like, I culled the one cardinal another one may have as well. Did you find that it spread to other fish at all? or is it in the tank? I do believe my cards are wild caught as well I got them from petsmart about 2 months ago.
    *edit* Thank you!!
  4. Matt B

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    I'm not sure if it was already present in some of them and they just began exhibiting symptoms after awhile or if it was being transferred. However, I didn't tear down/sterilize the tank and after the culling of 5 or so individuals I didn't have any recourrance. I did cull any fish with even a hint of a blister.

    You're welcome. :) I hope things pan out okay for you and the fish!
  5. Ozzychila

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    Hi all, just thought I'd try and help here. Iv had a couple of batches of cardinal tetras now with this problem. 1st time round I tried a few things but to no avail and ended up culling about 3 or 4 cardinals due to the strange White worm they had infesting there skin. The 2nd lot of cardinals I have had same thing, it's like you can buy cardinal and won't spot anything for a few months then you see the small worms start to develop. Luckily this time I had a small quarintine tank. Put the infected fish into this separate tank and treated with king britsh methylne blue with great results. Took about 3-5 days to start getting good results and treated a couple of times. I did a third dose and kept my fish in quarantine for about 2 week in total. This worked for me and hope it works for others on this mysterious worm infection. May I stress to never use methylene blue in a main tank/show tank or planted tank always a quarantine tank because the dye is really strong. Hope my experience helps others. Happy fish keeping people