HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Water Quality Tester with Auto-off Function TDS-EZ Help

Discussion in 'Saltwater Tank Equipment' started by Reefdweller, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Reefdweller

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    Hey guys I purchased a TDS meter from Amazon - HM Digital TDS-EZ TDS Water Quality Tester with Auto-off Function TDS-EZ. It was about $16.00 and seemed to have pretty good reviews. However, the meter works fine while use in tap water, RO/DI water, my FW tank water etc. When I place the meter in my Nano 28 gallon SW I get dotted lines only. I have emailed the manufacturer but no response. I think it is made in china ugh... but anyway.. Do you guys have any suggestions to why this meter is doing this only when it is placed in my SW tank? I have tried it and tried it.. washing it off and making sure its clean etc etc but dotted lines is all I get. There is nothing on the container for the meter showing why this may be or anything on thier website for trouble shooting etc.
  2. Mike

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    The only thing I use my TDS meter for is the output from my RO/DI unit. It lets me know when my membranes or cartridges need replacing. I don't test my tank water for Total Dissolved Solids. Saltwater likely has way too high of a reading to register on your TDS meter.
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    ohh I didnt realize this. I was under the impression it could be checked along the way directly in the tank just to make sure the water was pure as it was when it came out of the RO/DI. It tests fine in my 75 FW but just not the SW. You may be right that it contains to high of content to give a reading.
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    Mike is correct, the TDS of your tank will be outside the range of the meter.

    Water Classifications

    The "Glossary of Salt Water" published by the Water Quality Association classifies water as follows:

    Fresh: <1,000 ppm TDS
    Brackish: 1,000-5,000 ppm TDS
    Highly Brackish: 5,000-15,000 ppm TDS
    Saline: 15,000-30,000 ppm TDS
    Sea Water: 30,000-40,000 ppm TDS
    Brine: 40,000-300,000+ ppmTDS