1. FIghtingj Member Member

    I found these in my tank. My ramshorns looked like they were mating so is this their offspring? I didnt see eggs.

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  2. BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Egg clutches are small and not easy to see unless they are in front of your face. Probably he is.

  3. FIghtingj Member Member

    is this an egg clutch?

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  4. FIghtingj Member Member

    theres also a small grwy sphere on a differentplant.

  5. Keystone Member Member

    Looks like snail eggs to me
  6. Jess44246 Initiate Member

    Yes, those are snail eggs. My pest snails lay clear eggs in clutches on everything. Good luck dealing with them! Get some assassin snails if you start having an issue controlling them.