Hitchhiker Slug?

  1. Platylover

    Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    Ok, so just found these slug like things and I have no idea what they are... I just got some new fish and duckweed was included so they may have hitchhiked from there. Beyond that there isn’t any changes, here’s a video, any help is appricated, I’ll be removing them now-

    Ol, thinks it’s a leache now as a longer one just tried to grab my badis and he flinched... great, just great.
    Edit: got the ones I saw out and into a small bowl, will more or less bleach them soon.
  2. f

    fot80 Member Member

    I found a black leach in my tank. I was not happy. I didn't do much about it as I didn't want to disrupt my breeding shrimp colony. I also had puffer fish that will eat up any they find.