hitchhiker shrimp

  1. scottishduck

    scottishduck Valued Member Member

    Found a small shrimp (5mm or so) on some plants I just bought and threw into quarantine. (A reason to quarantine plants!)

    Can anyone tell me what it might be? It's probably juvenile. The tank it was in was 79* and was the plant tank at the LFS. I've never seen shrimp in the tank before, but I was just in there for 5 minutes to pick up the plants before closing today and haven't been in a while. (I've seen nerite snails and fish in there, but never pest snails nor shrimp).

    Thanks in advance (first two pics are similar, but different).

    View attachment Q7vh3pp.jpg View attachment YJBRv9w.jpg View attachment 9x3DyMH.jpg

    Whatever it is, it's a fast little bugger. (sorry for blur)
  2. Airth

    Airth Valued Member Member

    I'm not sure what kind of shrimp this is. . . but it's awfully cute. =D
  3. OP

    scottishduck Valued Member Member

    I'll probably keep it on its own until I know what it is. ;)
  4. jetajockey

    jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member