His And Her Fluval Flex 15 Aquariums

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    Background: I have had small reef, African Cichlid, Discus, and Goldfish aquariums 15+ years ago before I met/married my wife. She has never had an aquarium before so this is all new to her.

    Last year we got rid of the couch/loveseat/chair in our 'sitting' room that had been used only as a cat Napatorium for the last 14 years. We had planned to eventually put a nice back/front bar and stools in the sitting room instead.

    I recently floated a proposal that instead of putting in a back bar along the wall we put in a 6-8 foot wide aquarium and then front bar/stools. My proposal was accepted enthusiastically (we're both scuba divers) however I wanted my wife to learn the ins/outs of life with aquariums before diving in to "the deep end". So over time we are going to make a progression from small 15 gallon Fluval Flex aquariums, to a 65/72/90 Discus/Angel tank before we make the jump the 170-250 gallon acrylic 'backbar' tank.

    Her Flex 15 will be a planted community tank with Gourami/Tetras and mine will be a (very) planted community tank. I haven't decided whether to go South American soft water style or Guppy not-so-soft water. Our tap water is very hard so I plan to install an RO system to produce aquarium water.

    I ordered the GreenPro 'assortment' of plants (Amazon Sword, Java Fern, Anacharis, Ludwigia) from Amazon and I was quite surprised at the very large size of the plants when they were delivered. I went with Carib Sea Eco Complete Black substrate and my wife with the same substrate in Red.

    My wife is cycling her aquarium with a dwarf Gourami and I'm going fish-less for now. She calls him "Don" and I call him "Howie" because my wife keeps saying he looks hungry. :)

    I have added a second 6500 LED bar to my tank and I'm adding API liquid CO2 and API Leaf Zone for the plants. Once we get the larger 65/72 tank setup I will probably transplant some/most of these plants into it.

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    Goals! Nice
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    Nice! I particularly like the part about the 'intermediary' 90 so that when it's over you've got a 90 and a 250. Gentlemen, hats off to a genius. :)
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    Creative use of ideas, and space!
    I wouldn't have thought of that.