Hillstream Loaches Could This Work? 60 Gallon Tank

  1. Rtessy

    Rtessy Well Known Member Member

    I'm looking at getting four or five hillstream loaches.
    First off, I know this probably won't work, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

    First potential problem: my tank is large grain gravel, average of about an inch. It's very smooth and I also have several larger rocks scattered around.
    Second: my goldfish; a common goldfish, severely stunted at 5", no aggression towards shrimp or large snails (at least 1/4"). I do handfeed my goldfish for the most part, so I'd be able to keep him at one end of the tank while feeding loaches at the other.
    Third: Current. Cascade 300 on one side and an aqueon quietflow that does 150 on the other. I'm adding in an overhead sump/planter and I will use a 130gph water pump and have the outtake sending water in the same direction as the Cascade 300. Don't know if this is enough flow
    Fourth: feeding. I would be able to supply algae wafers, shrimp pellets, and live blackworms, but I am unsure if this would suffice.
    Fifth: the tank can get to nearly 78° in the summer and 64° in the winter.
    Sixth: I have some lovely mystery snails and amano shrimp, would the loaches harm these?
    It just bothers me seeing them sold at PetCo....
    Also, if I do get them, the QT would be a 10gallon with 150gph HOB.
    Edit: I also have a tetra whisper 100, I had two bubblers but now I'm down to one 3" airstone. Might get another
  2. OP

    Rtessy Well Known Member Member

    How much current do they need? And how would I measure that? Also how much oxygen do they need?