Hillstream Loach Suitability?



New to this forum.

Looking for some advice on Hillstream Loaches.

We have a 260lt Jewel Vision 260 tank.

3D background.
Black small grain gravel.
Bog wood and stone decor (Old and not leaching).
Built in Jewel filter.
Additional Eheim Ecco 330 canister filter.
Water added or changed from HMA filter.

Inhabitants are:-
Two fancy goldfish.
Two normal goldfish.
5 Weather (Dojo) Loaches.


I wondered if we were to add a powerhead and possibly reroute the canister flow to give a higher flow at the bottom of the tank if this would be suitable to house maybe three small Hillstream (Beaufortia Kweichowensis I think) Loaches?

Looking to add some plants as well once we find out what is robust enough for the Goldies.



Sarcasm Included

I wouldn't put them in a gold fish tank, for two reasons.
First, the current that they like would batter the goldfish to death.
Second, they need very clean heavily oxygenated water, which the heavy waste producers that gold fish are would be impossible to keep.


I have seen quite a few videos of these loaches in planted tanks with minimal flow.

Is the extremely high flows necessary or just suggested.

The videos appear to show thriving individuals.

LeeannP (The original poster) is my other half by the way.

The 4 goldfish we have, although I know they produce a lot of waste are in an under stocked tank.
The amount of waste to water is not excessive and the additional canister filter should further reduce this issue.
Regular gravel syphoning would also cut down any solid waste accumulation.
Add a few robust plants to use up nutrients and regular wc's and I would suggest that the water cleanliness needn't be an issue.

I think the flow is the only real issue. But am unsure as to how much would be enough. I have a powerhead I might try in with the Goldies to see if they mind.

I am however open to (and hoping for) guidance as I wouldn't like to house unhappy fish.

We have had a pair of L15 plecs previously but moved them on when we changed this tank to unheated.

Any other suggestions for tank mates for the Goldies would also be welcomed.



Planted tank to better with good flow so to constantly bring nutrients and new water to plants.

I personally wouldnt add them.with goldies but if you wanted to you could add a powerhead to increase circulation. Its the O2 levels and water parameters that would worry me the most.


Best not to. I have seen goldfish make snacks of hillstream loaches because the loaches stick to the tank wall. Pretty much eaten alive. One of the reasons why hillstream loaches do not make good tank mates with many mid/top swimming fish. A lot of oxygen in the tank, loach lives longer. Not enough oxygen, shorter life span. Living two or three years is not an average age for hillstream loaches. With the right care they can live to be older than 10 years.


I've kept hill streams and goldfish together for 8 years or more but I keep comets so they prefer the fast flow. I run two spray bars and have the two intakes at the other end, two long airstones run down the length of the tank. My first lot of loaches did die before I made these adjustments but since then mine bred in the tank. The goldfish didn't eat the babies or the adults although they made short work of any that have died over the years. The loaches are just way too fast to be caught. I'd recommend pseudogastromyzon chenis because they are sassy and breed in the aquarium. I have gastromyzon ctenocephalus just now but as I only have two small single tail goldfish in a 200L tank and the four loaches, I am going to go multI species and get chenis again and another new species

They are a lot of work but they can be kept happy even with goldfish.

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