Hikari Vs. Tetrafin: I Think We All Know The Winner Here.


My opinion on TetraFin flakes isn't the best.

When I first got the flake because my current pellets at the time had gotten small enough to fit in their mouth in one bite, but large enough for them to have difficulty swallowing. So, for the meantime, I had switched to TetraFin flakes.

I was well aware flakes weren't ideal. But, I wanted a temporary flake food to give until they've grown past the "goldielocks" stage.

Sure, the fish enjoyed the flakes, although the flakes had lots of fillers in it.

Here's what I hated about them: immediatally after switching, the water quality became very unstable.
I started getting VERY low pH readings (below 6.2), and nitrites, although my tank was completely cycled and the water was in perfect condition for the fish.

The "clean and clear water formula" was complete bogus.

After that ordeal, and after finally stabilizing the water parameters, I headed to a friendly LFS to see what supplies, foods, and live fish they had. The owner reccomended some uber expensive HikarI food, which, judging by its price and ingredients list, assured what I was getting was of high quality.

My fish gobbled it up (But had difficulty swallowing, because of a sudden food type change. It wasn't as bad as with the original pellets, since these were the proper size for them)

What do you think? HikarI or TetraFin?


I personally like HikarI a lot more. I feel that it has a lot more nutrition then the Tetraflakes, and does not pollute the water. This makes it a win in my books.


yeah I get thehikarI wafers for my pleco and I got some random brand of wafers with a 29 I got for free and my plec won't touch them but he loves the hikarI ones



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