Hikari Seaweed In Clownfish Diet

Discussion in 'Advanced Saltwater Aquarium Topics' started by danefrnds, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. danefrndsValued MemberMember

    I want to include some sort of seaweed diet for the clowfish in my aquarium. Would this be appropriate for the clownfish ?
  2. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    Clowns are omnivores so yes, they should have greens (marine algae) as well as protein in their diets. If the clown will accept dry foods, then great, but you probably know that seaweed should only be part of their diets. :) I would also suggest looking into frozen foods, as they are more nutritious and better for your tank overall, as they contain fewer excess nutrients. There are frozen herbivore foods available or you can get protein with green... something like mysis shrimp gut loaded with Spirulina algae, which is a superfood. :)

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