Hikari cichild pellets for parrots? Question

  1. chelleykeela

    chelleykeela New Member Member

    I have been feeding parrots Hikari brand cichlid pellets. I started feeding them this in addition to flakes about two months ago. I have noticed that they poop in larger quantities and more often, and upon closer inspection it looks like mushed together pellets. I'm not sure how the fish digestive system works, but is this normal or does it indicate that they are not digesting the pellets well?
  2. b

    bellachan Well Known Member Member

    All I know is that parrots are eating and pooping machines! Lol maybe they just have to get used to it? My parrots had a varied diet of flakes, pellets, frozen foods and peas! :) kept them nice, bright and healthy! Give them a day or 2 a week without feeding them to make sure they digest everything and don't get bloated.

    And if they poop it's a better sign then if they don't. So don't worry too much, give them time and keep a close eye on them :)
  3. OP

    chelleykeela New Member Member

    Thanks for the reply! I only feed them on weekdays, so they have the weekend to digest. I will keep an eye on them and make sure nothing is wrong. I also feed them frozen worms and peas too once in a while.