Higher than usual nitrites Question

  1. kwhitworth83 Member Member

    I've been in the tank a ton these last couple days. I worked overtime this weekend so the hubs was kind enough to feed everyone. Unfortunately I think he was over feeding since the tank was filthy by Tuesday. I did a 60% water change and vacuumed my substrate thoroughly. I also tossed the carbon from my filter leaving the empty mesh bag and adding a bit of unused filter floss I scored from a friend. All the plants are finally in so those have been placed as well. When I did my water check yesterday everything was spot on. A-0 no2-0 no3-20 (the color for 10 and 20 on the no3 chart look the same to me so I always go with the higher number to be safe). When I checked the water tonight the ammonia is between 0 and .25 and the nitrite are .25. Nitrates are the usual 10-20 color. I didn't jump and do a water change tonight since I figured I may have over cleaned and the bb just needs some time to catch back up. My concern is tomorrow starts another long work week for me and I won't be able to do a water change again until Sunday night. Any thoughts?

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  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    It sounds like the overfeeding & disturbing the substrate has caused the spikes, I'd do a large water change if you can, or daily smaller ones to keep on top of it

  3. Angelbear Well Known Member Member

    Considering the op just did a huge water change cleaning and what not, it probably just needs time to settle like she said. That happened to me once before and with in a day or two they were back to normal. Happened after vacation when a friend was feeding the fish. If your worried test every morning or evening and if it rises then do a water change. But chance are it will settle in a day or two and you won't have to worry. Doing another big or small water change right away could just end up sucking up more displaced bacteria and make it worse. I know people say it lifes in your filter but a lot lives in your gravel too. You said you did a really good gravel vac that could be what caused the spike too much at once.
  4. kwhitworth83 Member Member

    Unfortunately with my schedule I won't be able to monitor the tank the next couple days. I did a test today and the levels are the same as last night. The fish all look happy and crazy active. Bacteria doesn't grow on the carbon, right? I'm going to let it ride and check again when I get a chance hopefully Sunday night. Thanks for the thoughts guys :)

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  5. Angelbear Well Known Member Member

    BB grows on every surface of your tank, gravel, decoration and your filter. You kept the pad so that should of helped. If your really worried do a small change, then maybe add a bacteria booster. I would think if it is just due to zealous cleaning with your gravel vac ECT it should settle on its own, mine did. Just keep an eye on it. Feed every other day if you can't test regularly and want to be cautious.
  6. kwhitworth83 Member Member

    Thank you for the feeding tip :) never would have thought of that myself.

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