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high PH readings... Help

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by ibiaquariums, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. ibiaquariums Valued Member Member

    Hey guys and girls...

    I keep getting high-ish PH readings... it never drops lower then 8.2 and hardly ever ever reads 8.2 anyway. It is mainly at a 8.4 to 8.6 reading.... but sometimes is allot darker then on the chart which i assume must mean its giving a "off the chart" reading, and that tells me its highier then 8.6

    is this a bad thing... a good thing... or should i really worry?!

    thanks fishlore, any help is great help!

  2. locoyo386 Well Known Member Member

    Hi there,
    If this is a saltwater fish tank, than the pH "ideally" should be around 8.4. If it is at this level, than you should be fine. Also if you are getting that much variences in results, I suggest you take to a petstore that can check it for you, maybe the test batch you have is faulty. Also make sure that you are checking under the same conditions (time of day, open tank, closed tnak).
  3. David C Well Known Member Member

    What kit are you using? Are you using test strips? If so, this can be the reason of your reading variations. They are known to be terribly inaccurate. Definitely follow locoyo's advice and have your LFS confirm your readings.

  4. ibiaquariums Valued Member Member

    Yhe its a saltwater tank set up.

    Ive got test stripes... but the PH readings i get on it are rubbish, and make no sense at all. So i just use them for nitrite & nitrate readings, usually just to double check its correct after ive used my liquid test kits. Aim for similar readings.

    For PH & ALK i use the tetra colour chart liquid solution test kits.
    For the rest.. amm nitrite nitrate etc etc i use red sea colour chart liquid solution test kits.

    I was thinking of getting a electronic PH pen reader... as i want to get as acurate a ph reading as possible...

    Have anyone tried these? are they worth while investing in?


    chees all! :)
  5. locoyo386 Well Known Member Member

    I have never tried the electronic pH meters. I have the liquid test kit from API and it has done great. Usually I do not test for pH, I keep fish only and I have not found it to be an issue yet.