High Ph Hard Water Fish?

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    Hey guys,

    I've been trying various methods to reduce my pH as our tap water is crazy high and hard. 9.2 pH out of the tap and as hard as my tests can read. With adding some bottled RO, lots of driftwood, and peat pellets. I can get it to stay steady at 7.8-7.9 pH. RO machine/filter is not exactly doable at this time as we rent and none of our taps have the threads/parts to connect stuff too. We were denied a request to change the taps. It's a 65 gallon tank and we can only buy 5 gallon RO jugs or smaller which aren't the cheapest. So lowering my pH any further really would not be sustainable.

    I had figured out what my stocking list will be but my list is not compatible with my water parameters. So now I need help. It's 65g. Heavily planted with tons and tons of various sized places to hide. Half gravel half sand.

    I want a colourful varied community tank with probably some schooling or schoaling fish and a few center piece fish. Please post your stocking ideas. Thanks!
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    Do you have a washer hook up?

    Do you know your ph if you are not adding RO water....with just the driftwood and peat pellets?
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    I also have hard water, with high PH of around 8-8.2ish. I successfully keep neon tetras, harlequin rasboras, guppies, a bristlenose pleco, and tons of red cherry shrimp. The neons are not ideal, but they do ok, no stress. They would never breed in this water, but that's ok with me. Now the harlequins do well with it, and I found they were good for high PH in my research, they are actually pretty flexible and can survive a pretty wide range of PH. Guppies always do great in high PH. My shrimp prefer the high PH as well.

    Hope there is a few ideas in there for you. Remember you can get cherry shrimp in a variety of colors if you prefer something different, but you need to keep all the same color, or they will mix and get ugly.
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    No washer hook ups. Not a single tap with any sort of available hook up unfortunately.

    Tank pH with straight tap water, prime, stability, driftwood, and peat pellets goes up to about 8.9ish after a water change and slowly lowers after a week to 8.2 to 8.4. So without the RO it's constantly up and down.

    With a mix of RO I can keep it at exactly 7.8 to 7.9 with no fluctuations at all. Keeping it at this level is doable and financially sustainable. I just can't reasonably keep it much lower. 7.6 to 7.7 would also be doable, but just in case it spikes a bit I would be more comfortable with fish that can handlr 7.8 long term if that is possible.

    Thanks. I do like the shrimp and harlequins. I'm surprised your neon tetras do ok I would think that would be way too high. Guppies are a good colourful option.
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    I have a ph of about 7.5 or so and keep guppies and cardinal tetras as well as snails and shrimp.

    Have you tested your gh or kh