High Nitrates And Water Quality...


HI Guys,

I am an experienced fish keeper and like to think I know a lot about my fish and their needs, but there's one thing that always has me stumped.... what can I do about my nitrates...

They are off the scale at around 80ppm...

My tanks are stocked correctly, I do regular water changes of 50%, in my 55 gallon I have a filter that is recommended for a 400 litre, in all of my tanks I have double filteration.

I know what you'll say, do water changes.... but the thing is I cant.... The water out of my tap is at 80 as well, maybe even higher, like close to 160, so they do not help

I have the python water changer connected to a pozzanI nitrate remover but as my tanks are of such a large volume, the filter cartridge needs changing so much.

I spent so much money on using bottled water for a bit, but then that takes out the nutrients which is beneficial in the tap water...

I don't really want to add all of these chemicals to my tank which reduce nitrate as I don't want the fish to have a shock change to their water with the nitrate fluctuating all of the time....

Would investing in a RO system do the trick? But still then I have to add nutrients.

Please can someone advise as I'm getting really stressed with the fact that my nitrates are so high. Even after a water change with my nitrate remover it drops to around 60, I have tried the 50% on a few days a week, or the 25% every day for a few days, it does not help at all....

I live in the UK so the water is extremely hard, can anybody else tell me what they do please.

I have 557 litres worth of tanks so these nitrate removers although may be effective will cost me an absolute fortune, e.g. for the Algone I will need to by a new pack every week as there is only 6 pouches.... that means that's £12 a week.... which is ridiculous....

I'm at a total loss, sorry for the rambles haha, just hope someone can help me x


Floating plants or growing ivy plants such as pothos with just the roots immersed seem to be the best nature solution, or atleast a big help.


Are your tanks planted and if so how much?
What do other aquarists do in your area?

I’ve never dealt with this issue so I’m genuinely curious as to how to remedy it besides using a RO system.


What filter media do you have in your filter? You could try something like JBL NitratEX it can be reactivated over & over so would workout less than the Algone. You can pick it up off eBay for around £10 to £11.


Oh gosh I have this problem too


What do you do for drinking water? I hope not drinking tap water with 80ppm of nitrates... That's not good for you either. I would think a RO unit would be best... Or start collecting rain water.


Grow herbs and vegetables?

Big Dreams' suggestion to collect rainwater is simpler and easier though.

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