High Nitrate!


Long story short, I bought an established 75 gallon FOWLR tank and moved it to my house. This is my first saltwater tank!

I was given the Master saltwater test kitwih the tank, and after testing everything, nitrate was off the charts, but everything else seemed to be fine. The kit looked old, so I discarded my test results, thinking they were inaccurate. I decided to order the Red Sea Marine Care multI test kit, as many people recommended it. Welll as it turns out, the new test kit showed nitrates to be off the charts (50+ ppm) as well!

I ran to my LFS and bought another bag of salt and did a 30 GALLON water change last night. Today, the nitrates are STILL off the chart. Should I do another 30 gallon water change? (that's all I can change at one time) The livestock in the tank seems to be fine.

Oh and it is filtered by a sicce whale canister filter. I am open to suggestions for HOB filters or whatever, but I now know these canisters are nitrate factories lol, just looking for a temporary solution to my high nitrates.


Do a water change and rinse EVERYTHING in the canister with the old water. Then put it all back together and that should help by removing and rinsing all the media it will get rid of any build up on whatever you have in there.
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Thanks, there was a suprising ammount of gunk in there... probably shouldve checked that as soon as I got it

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