Hiding Red Tail Shark

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    I recently added a red tailed shark to my 40 gallon planted community tank. He has been very tentative and is hiding up behind the heater. He has only been in for 24 hours, but just curious if i should be worried or how to get him socializing?

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    It's normal for a fish to be withdrawn for up to a month when added into a new tank. In the case of Red Tail Sharks or Rainbow Sharks, it's not uncommon for them to find a place to retreat. It's good to have some caves or somewhere for them to retreat to as a safe place.

    You want to keep in mind that Red Tail Sharks (and Rainbow Sharks) are not exactly social fish, although their personalities can differ from fish to fish. Once they start reaching about 3" they will likely become a little more bold, claim territory (and/or the entire bottom surface area), and likely begin to live up to their reputation as tank bosses. However, keep in mind they're not aggressive and won't cause harm to other fish in most cases, though their chasing behavior could prove stressful for some fish.

    In any case, just give him time to settle in and explore. He'll come around when he gets more comfortable. I've been raising Rainbow and Red Tails for years now, pretty personable fish when provided the correct environment.
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    Agree, it’s a fish that lives a territorial life, so it’ll lay low till it’s seen what goes on in the tank, knows it’s safe, etc. Their preferred territory is the middle of the tank (or all of a small tank), with hides nearby, so best if all other fish are non-territorial.
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